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I had booked my tickets for the this event back in December 2014 so this was long in the planning. I was very anxious that the 2 days would go well after the disappointment of Xivents: Game of thrones fan event in Paris not happening.

Very early on I had decided it would be a fantastic opportunity to present Iain Glen with a fan book from SJA. After many months of planning, sorting and putting together and we had 30 page  book filled with fan photos, messages and artwork. I booked photo shoots with (Game of Thrones) Iain Glen, Finn Jones, (Penny Dreadful) Harry Treadaway, Reeve Carney and (The Musketeers) Luke Pasqualino but planned to meet many more.



I arrived early morning at Kensington Olympia train station to be met with literally hundreds of people also making their way to the venue but the queue was unlike anything I had ever seen. It must have gone around the whole Olympia twice over but luckily I got talking to some others fans and chatting seemed to pass the time until we started moving along.

By the time we had got into the venue I was desperate to get my luggage into the cloakroom and find Julia everyone. IMG_0002 copy

I have never been to the Olympia before and it was absolutely huge. My advice to anyone going for the first time or indeed anytime who has photo shoots and autos to get is to look at the floor plan beforehand. With so many people and being so crowded it took a long time to get from one floor to another so it was really useful to know roughly were to go before entering the venue.

I made my way to the top floor where all the Game of Thrones and The Musketeers guests were. It was the only floor that was nicely air conditioned and cool. I saw Julia talking to Daniel Portman and watched for a moment taking a couple of photos when she noticed me and came over to say hello.


Over the course of the morning I met Finn Jones, Daniel Portman, Kristian Nairn, Reeve Carney, Luke Pasqualino and Tom Burke. (Iain was only attending the Sunday). All of them were absolutely lovely, chatty and friendly.

I got my Game of Thrones, Penny Dreadful and The Musketeers posters signed and stood around taking as many photos as I could of them signing. Luke and Finn gave me the most gorgeous squeezes. All of them must have been around 6 foot and me being only 5 foot tall they all had to bend down and even then they were a lot taller than me! Next time I will be taking  5 inch boots to give myself some much needed height. Lol   IMG_0002sml

By the afternoon the venue was so packed and even the top floor which was the only air conditioned floor was getting stuffy with so many people. The heat in the building was horrible and with so many people it was very difficult to get a little bit of space to sit anywhere. I left the Olympia at about 3.30pm and made my way to the apartment I was staying in. All in all a great first day!!


  • The photo shoots were a lot of fun but quite nerve racking.
  • Me being slightly nervous about approaching Reeve and him ushering me over to talk to him.
  • Meeting Luke Pasqualino and Tom Burke was such a pleasure. They were so friendly and sweet.
  • Meeting Reeve Carney was gorgeous. More beautiful in the flesh than on screen. A really lovely guy. I told him that I was building a website on him to support his career. He was gobsmacked and very touched. I said I would tweet him the URL when it is complete.
  • Meeting the girls Julia, Jo and Kerstin
  • Getting out of the Olympia into the fresh air!


I had agreed to meet with Daniela, Helga, Julia, Kerstin and Jo at the venue but as we all arrived at different times we decided to met inside instead.


I was much earlier getting to the venue than the previous morning and it was lovely weather outside. Although the queue was still very long it seemed very well organised and we moved along pretty quickly. I eventually found my way to the photo shoot where Iain was going to be at on the ground floor. Iain Glenn LFCC15 Sun103

Iain wasn’t due till 10am it was about 9.20am so we had some time to kill. Julie was already there and Kerstin found us. I found Daniela and Helga near the entrance looking rather lost and guided them to the photo shoot area where Iain was due.

I remember there being a big crush for 20 odd minutes before Iain arrived. There was some what confusion with the queuing and the different types of tickets which stated who was at the front of the queue. I really felt for Daniela and Helga not speaking a lot of English it must have been very confusing and stressful for them at times so I wanted to keep them close to me so they wouldn’t miss anything. I felt faint briefly I  think due to excitement and lack of any breakfast! After about 20 minutes we started moving further along till we got to the entrance of the photo shoot area and could see him in his gorgeous black shirt and flip flops greeting fans. My heart went into a major melt down but I somehow managed to kept it together.

At last was my turn, luckily Iain knew I was coming as I had told him in a previous letter and he recognised me straight away and wrapped his arms around me squeezing against his chest – Heaven!!! He was so warm. I literally could have stayed there forever. For our second photo he suggested standing behind me and wrapping his around me (holding my hands) again heaven. I usually hate photos of e but these were two of the best I have ever had taken.

He smelt amazing too!!! I told him we had a present for him and I said I would give it to him later and he said ‘yeah sure’.

The girls got their photos with Iain which were all wonderful and we all needed to calm down a bit first before making our way upstairs to Iain’s autograph area which was on the top floor. All the Game of Thrones and Penny Dreadful guest were close together. We all noticed that Iain’s queue was already very long but we knew we had all day so we thought we would leave it until it quietened down a bit, of course it never did. He had a long line fans to meet all day. We did decide that we needed to see him though and went closer to were he was sitting to take photos. I took hundreds over the course of the day. He seemed very happy. 

We did eventually get a virtual Queue ticket. I think mine was 385 and stood in line. I think my heart rate must have gone up considerably by the time we were a few fans away from him. I was shaking and trying to get my camera, poster and fan book in order. Jo kindly offered to record it on my camera and did an amazing job. Iain was so lovely as always when I gave him the fan book. He loved it and started flicking through it. I told him a little bit about it and was really touched. He asked me where I wanted to sign on my poster and what colour pen to use. He noticed my Ser Jorah’s Army wristband and said he thought they were fantastic! When we parted he held my hand for a second to say goodbye and I went over to Jo feeling all shaky again.

I spent the rest of the afternoon meeting the other guests. Harry Treadaway was so gorgeous and very friendly. I really wanted to meet Rose Leslie but her queue for autos was also very long and she spent so much time talking to each fan that she didn’t get to see a lot of them.

We said our goodbyes late afternoon and Jo and I left together. The train journey home was much longer than on the way there. I couldn’t believe the amount of time we spent lugging our suitcases to different platforms and being sent to the wrong platforms by the station staff. That was a workout in itself.

I realised because I was so involved in meeting the guests that I didn’t take any time out to look at the stalls so that is something I will make time for this year.


  • My photo shoots with Iain. Cuddling Iain in my photo shoot photos. It was his idea to squeeze me from behind in the second photo. Feeling him so close to me in the first photo was heaven!
  • Giving Iain the fanbook we had made for him. He was so thrilled and said he would reply to me as soon as he could.
  • Iain squeezing my hands as we parted. I was very lucky he personalised my poster for me as he had a sign above him saying that he wouldn’t be able to due the numbers of fans wanting to meet him.
  • When I met Harry Treadaway I lost it a bit and blurted out that I loved him and his work and he told me he loved me too!!   
  • Telling Harry Treadaway that I was building a website to support his career. He was also very touched and told me he would love to see it when it is running.
  • Tim McInnerny signed my Blackadder box set with a quote I had given him by his character Percy in series 2 which he enjoyed writing.
  • Iain wearing flip flops!!!
  • Spending my day with Daniela, Helga, Jo, Julia and Kerstin
  • Jo’s fantastic Daenerys costume.
  • Getting home, putting my feet up and having a nice cuppa.


  • The only complaint I have is that it was unbelievably hot on the first 3 floors. Sweltering in fact which made it very uncomfortable at times with so many people but meeting the guests that day made up for it.
  • Natalia Tena and Charles Dance cancelling their attendance
  • On Saturday afternoon I stupidly sat down against a wall not realising that I had sat on a spilt cup of coffee which soaked into my jeans around my bum so I looked like I had had a very messy accident.

For the rest of the photos click here: London & film comic con 2015 photos

All photos are my own.

Thank you @danygonebad @JuliaFernbau @dabogermany @ErdbeerRei for your company and friendship this weekend.


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Well I can honestly say this was one of the best celebrity meetings in my life and I’ve had quite a number of them. As some of you may know I suffer with anxiety particularly when travelling at times and had actually had a really bad night the night before feeling unwell and had had no sleep. Even on the day when my dad was driving me to High Wycombe my stomach was churning and I was worried that if I had a an anxiety attack whilst there on my own how would I cope but somehow I made myself do it and gosh I am so glad I did.W&WIG260714-1

We were actually the first to arrive 20 minutes before it opened so I sat in the grass under a tree trying to settle my mind down and wondering how the day was going to pan out. When I got my ticket I walked round to find a good spot which happened to be just in front of the main cricket club house. I had only been sitting there for about 5 minutes and I noticed car pull up behind the house. You could see in and out of the other side and I saw Iain walk into the club house and disappeared.

A short while later Iain camW&WIG260714-020e outside to join a small group of other cricket players and lit a cigarette. He was wearing a short sleeved green shirt and shorts. He was standing right next to me chatting and then the other guys started talking amongst themselves for a while and he just looking a round so I thought right now is the time.

I said ‘Hi Iain’ and he looked down at me and gave me a lovely smile and said ‘Hi nice to meet you’. I said ‘I’m Sarah and I’m a huge fan of you and have come just to see you play today’ He said ‘Oh thank you’ I said ‘is it possible to have a photo taken with you at some point today. He said ‘yes of course any time, anytime you want’ I then said I also have a letter for you.


I told him that I had spent some time creating a website on him and it had become quite popular and I would love to know he thought of it. ‘He said ‘really WOW thank you so much, what‘s it called’ and then I forgot my own sites name and stumbled over my words!! I eventually managed to get out but I said the address is in the letter. He said ’yes I will definitely look at it’. I asked if we could have the photo taken now and he said ‘sure’ so I asked another of the actors if they would mind taking the photos of us which he was happy to do. Iain had a fag in one hand and his other arm round me.

Afterwards I thanked him again and gave him my letter and left him to himself. He wondered about a bit, chatted on his phone. I could take my eyes off him and his lovely tanned legs. He was so friendly to everyone, introducing himself and generally being gorgeous. I also noticed his earring which I had never seen before. It kind of suited him. He then went back in to the club house with the other players to get changed. In the meantime I was having a small fit that I had just met him and he had had his arm round me.

Shortly afterwards he came back out with the other actors and had a warm up before the match. It was getting pretty hot by then and I should have moved into the shade but I couldn’t take my eyes off him and so didn’t move. A mistake I do now regret.

He was actually very good at Cricket. He bowled very well and caught a lot of balls. I just sat there clicking away on my camera which has a fab zoom on it and was able to get lots of close photos. I have taken a number of video clips as well of Iain playing cricket and one of him during the break talking to someone. The actors bowled first and this went on for an hour and a half and then there was a break. When he came up the steps towards me he glanced at me and I clapped him and said ‘Well done Iain’ and he smiled and winked at me.


It was at this point that my arms were starting to burn and did not have any suntan lotion so I moved myself onto a seat in front of the commentators out of the sun. When Iain came out he was smoking and sat on the seat that I had been sitting on. This lady came over and chatted to him for a while hence the photos of him sitting on the bench.

After 25 minutes of a break they all went back out to play again which went on for another hour at least. Then at lunch time he came off the pitch and went into the cricket house and disappeared for quite a while and then I suddenly noticed he had been joined by his lovely family.

After lunch it was the Actors turn to bat but Iain must have not been on for quite some time because he stayed with his family. My mum had arranged to pick me up at 4.30pm and it 4pm when the actors had just started batting. So I didn’t actually get to see the end of the match, I don’t know who won but at 4.20pm I noticed Iain had moved away from his family and was watching the match whilst sitting chatting to a friend. I really want him to sign my poster of him in Fortunes Fool early this year but I wasn’t sure whether to approach him so I watched for a while and then picked my moment.


I tapped him on the shoulder and said’ Hi Iain, I’m going to be shooting off now but I wondered if you would mind signing this poster for me and he ‘yes of course’ He said ‘it’s Sarah’ isn’t it’ ahhhhhh he remembered my name!! I said ‘yep’. He signed the poster with a little kiss on it and said again ‘it was so lovely to meet you’ and I said ‘you too Iain’ thanks for today, take care’ and then I left him and walked away.

It was so hard walking away from him and I kept glancing over at him as I walked back to the car park. My dad was waiting for me in the car park and when I got into the car I realised how badly sunburnt I was. My arms have been hell over the last 2 days and I haven’t been able to sleep since because they are still so sore but it was so worth the pain. Best day EVER and my anxiety was fine so I was so proud of myself for make myself face it and do it!

You can see the rest of the photos here Word & Wickets – Iain Glen

You can view the other video clip here

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As Iain Glen is my ultimate guy I was mega excited to discover he was treading the boards on the London stage again at the Old Vic but also alongside another of my faves Alexander Vlahos (Mordred in Merlin). Reviews for this show looked fantastic and as I hadn’t been to see show for a while I was really looking forward to it.’ Glen gives a leading performance of pain, intelligence and great technical AVFF14-2accomplishment, while the rest of a strong cast includes Alexander Vlahos as the priggish new husband, a government official, and a fussing housekeeper.’

Unfortunately he pulled out of the show towards the end of the run due to illness so my excitement was crushed. No one knows the nature of his illness but I really hope he recovers very soon.

Luckily I had my second reason for going Alexander!

The show was fantastic even without Iain. Our seats were originally in the balcony but we were moved to stalls in the middle – a much better view. The story was easy to follow and everyone played their part well. I was totally gutted that Iain wasn’t there but was still really glad I saw it. The understudy did a great job as Iain’s replacement.  AVFF14-4


Meeting Alexander was a great experience. He is a very approachable and friendly guy. My mate and I had only been standing at the stage door a few moments and he practically bounced out of the theatre door. I had asked my mate to take a few photos of us talking and together and for reasons I can’t explain he decided to dart around Alex taking photos like some kind of paparazzi guy. Alex said to me ‘Who’s this guy’ and I laughed and said that that’s mate. I don’t know why he’s acting like that I only asked him to take a couple of photos for me. We both laughed.

I had written him a letter telling him about the website I was building for him to support his career and I know he is a Doctor Who fan so I had bought him a mug with a tardis in it and on it. He was very sweet and thanked me for my gift and said he would open it when he got home. AVFF14-8

I told I him I loved the play and how great it was to see him on the stage. I asked if he would mind signing a couple of things for me. My Fortune’s Fool poster and we had a few photos together. By this time there were another couple of girls waiting for him. I recognised them from the stage door at Mojo. He said he looked forwarded to seeing the website when it was complete and thanked me again for coming to see the show.

The following evening I had this gorgeous tweet from him saying thank you for the gift and coming to the show. He took a photo of himself holding my mug! Bless.

See the rest of the photos here

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Having been rather successful meeting Colin Morgan earlier in the year when I saw The Tempest at the Globe theatre I thought I would try my luck a few times during the run of Mojo the play at the Harold Pinter theatre. This was quite unique in that the play’s cast brought together a number of fandoms who’s paths had never crossed before.ioiiii09

The play is a black comedy set in London’s Soho, a gangster plot that tells the story of this particular night club’s culture. Would-be rock ‘n’ roll star ‘Silver Johnny’ is on the road to fame and fortune during the summer of 1958, but encounters problems with his jealous manager, Ezra, the owner of the Atlantic Club, who is hell-bent on protecting him from the amorous advances of creepy local gangster/entrepreneur Sam Ross. Skinny, a member of Johnny’s group, and one of the club’s pill-popping employees, discovers Ezra sawn in half in separate dustbins, and Ezra’s ambitious associate Mickey announces that Ross intends to take over the Atlantic Club.


I had not heard of the play before so was not expecting the violence and swearing which I am not a fan of, however I loved the cast who are all fabulous actors and enjoyed watching the individual performances. I saw the play twice and found the second viewing was needed to fully understand the plot.

I think on the whole very lucky when it comes to meeting casts at stage doors. You can spend hours waiting for an actor sometimes in awful weather to find they arrived earlier or have gone in through another entrance to avoid the rush of photo seekers and autograph hunters.P1050522 - Copy

I am usually able to get a good sense if someone is really okay to sign a programme, have a photo taken or say hello and those that really just want to go home after a draining performance and bare it in mind before approaching someone although I have found that the actors I like have all been really lovely engaging people who enjoy meetings their fans.

The same can be said for the main cast of Mojo: Rupert Grint, Colin Morgan, Ben Whishaw, Brendan Coyle, Daniel Mays & Tom Rhys Harries who were all wonderful with the fans. Not all of them came out after every show but were great with the fans that were lucky enough to meet them. Colin who although very sweet struck me as being rather shy and looked overwhelmed at times when lots of fans crowded around and were pushing to get close to him.


My first attempt I missed Colin who went in through the main theatre entrance but caught Ben. I was able to give Ben my present and get my programme signed by him. He was very sweet and thanked me for my gift. I got a good number of photos as he was signing for other fans.

On my second attP1050414empt Colin suddenly appeared from a back street and walked towards the stage door. I was the first to speak to him and he seemed really surprised at my gift and very grateful. He signed my ‘The Tempest’ poster with my name whilst my friend took a couple of photos of me talking to him. A number of fans who had been standing on the corner of the road all screamed when they saw him and came running down the road towards us.


I think Colin signed a few autographs and then went in. I was desperate to get a photo with Colin but he often seems reluctant to with lots of fans around which is understandable so I didn’t ask him for one.

I popped back to theatre after work that evening and spent a stupid amount of time waiting at the stage door in the freezing cold. Rupert came out for a smoke during the interval. He was incredibly sweet. I got a photo with him and he signed my programme. He was very approachable and we talked about the show and illness within the cast and how bad it had been.

The winter vomiting bug had swept through the cast and crew over the previous week and poor Daniel Mays was one of its victims. He bravely managed to get through the entire first half and a small part of the second whilst having to leave every 15 minutes to vomit off stage before the understudy took over.

I waited tiIMG_2689ll after and the show saw Colin leaving via the main entrance of the theatre. I was able to get a couple of flyers signed for friends who are huge fans but were not able to make the show. He was really sweet but looked tired so I didn’t keep him for long. There was a lady next to me who was desperate for Colin to sign what I think was a Merlin themed something.

I couldn’t actually see what it was but he kept refusing her saying he couldcmtempest1_0003n’t sign it as it wasn’t official Mojo merchandise but she kept asking him and he kept refusing and apologising. He even offered to sign something else for her but I don’t think she took him up on his offer I didn’t see.

Last night of the play

This was an EPIC night and totally exhausting as I was one of many who had been standing outside the theatre since about 10.30am on the final morning. To cut a long story short after many hours of waiting at the stage door the barriers finally went up at about 9.45pm.


There was a huge and predictable tussle and rush to get to the front of them and sadly there were many fans joining the main group much later on during the day who pushed their way to the front whilst others were there for many hours and struggled to get any near the front of the barriers but that is the way it goes.

All cast members came out and I think everyone in the front row feel very crushed. I managed to get my programme signed by everyone.24

I took some great photos and video clips on the guys who stayed for quite some time. I was able to thank Colin, Ben and Rupert for their time and great performances to which they were all grateful. I was happy to get out of the crush to let others in. I stayed for a while after the cast ha finished signing and noticed Colin and Rupert being escorted by a number of security guys to the pub opposite the theatre whilst being surrounded by fans.   6uufCapture

Many fans around the world contributed to a fan book put together by a couple of fans for the cast full of stories, photos and drawings and memories of meeting the cast and the play. It was a fantastic run and a few months I will never forget.

See the rest of the photos here

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Imbued with a spirit of magic and the supernatural, The Tempest is Shakespeare’s late great masterpiece of forgiveness, generosity and enlightenment.

The Globe is an amazing little theatre. Open air full of atmosphere and beautiful inside. It was the first time I had visited the Globe and I loved every second of it. Again we were graced with good weather and standing near the front row was fantastic. You really felt you were part of the play.


Stage door

My friend and I had seen the play a few weeks back and had gone to the stage door to find ourselves at the back of lots of fans and not even get a glance of Colin so we decided to go to the stage door only this time. We turned up an hour and a half before the performance ended and sat by the steps in front of the stage door gates. We were the first fans there. We saw Billy Boyd (Lord of the Rings) come in and out and then in again to the theatre.

About 45 mins before the play ended fans started turning up including two female fans with 2 gorgeous black dogs called Merlin and Arthur. Eventually as the play ended everyone rushed to the stage door. At one point I thought Colin was not going to come out because the security were asking us to move back onto the road and of course no one was moving this went on for a while but suddenly I saw him walking towards us with a couple of people.

He came out of the gates and greeted me first. He said hello to me but and started to sign my Colin artwork (attached). Seriously my heart stopped (not for the first time) and in my panic I totally forgot to say anything to him.

Luckily an opportunity came a short while later when he also signed a Tempest postcard for me. I was standing right next to him. I said to Colin ‘thanks for such a wonderful show Colin, it was really great to see you on the stage’ and he looked straight into my eyes and said ‘so thank you so much I really glad you enjoyed it’. Again my heart went *THUD* He was really very sweet and patient with everyone. You can see by pretty much all the photos that have been posted since he started the play how happy seems to be to meet fans. Always smiling. Between us my friend and I took 133 photos of Colin close up and there isn’t one where he isn’t smiling.


I loved the fact that Colin asked the people at the front (including me) that had stuff signed to kindly move aside to let those further back to the front to see him which I thought was sweet although it was impossible at one point to move atall let alone out of the group of fans we were to squashed together.

I was lucky that it was a really lovely day and the weather was perfect.

For more photos click here The Tempest: Colin Morgan photos

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