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Okay so as we all know by now Jon Snow is alive!! My friend @danygonebad and I were lucky to have front row tickets to see Kit in his play Dr Faustus currently showing at the Duke of York’s theatre in London last week.Untitled-1

The show itself was unlike anything else I had ever seen at the theatre. Full of energy and passion, not what i was expecting at all. P1000961

Dr Faustus makes a pact with the Devil, selling his soul in return for the ability to perform absolutely anything he pleases with the power of black magic.

This fatal decision catapults him into an intoxicating world of celebrity, as he becomes a world-renowned conjuror, international heartthrob and friend of the rich, famous and powerful.


Sadly we missed Kit arriving but tried our luck after the show. The weather had taken a turn for the worst by the time the play had finished and when we got outside it was raining quite hard. We did manage to get a spot against the barriers but with two bikes in the way it was a bit difficult.


Still Kit came out and went round everyone signing autographs and then went round again doing selfies so I managed to get my programme signed and a selfie plus a bunch of photos. He was very sweet and very generous with his time.

The next day


I had bought Kit a special gift that I had especially made for him. I read that he does a lot of writing and obviously he does a fair amount of travelling so I chose a beautiful leather journal hand made.

Kit arrived a couple of hours before the show. I was the first there but by the time Kit arrived there were a number of fans waiting for him.  P1010005

I was the first to approach him and offered the gift to him to which Kit seemed very touched and told me he would enjoy opening it. He asked me if I had seen the show and whether I had enjoyed it. We had a number of photos taken. Kit was very happy to see and greet fans – not so happy to see the paparazzi guy hanging around taking photos.

The only positive thing that came out of the paps guy being there was he took photos of me and Kit which ended up being featured in the Metro London paper a few days later.

hh   tumblr_o6dj1zLqN11tlp366o4_1280   kit-harington-greets-his-fans-before-a-performance-02
Thanks to danygonebadSophie and Tasha for their company.

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