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It’s been over a year and a half since I last met Iain at the Grenfell Charity Football match so I was over joyed when he was announced at the London and Film Comic Con Spring last March. Although I have met Iain many times I still get nervous about meeting him such is the way he makes me feel!

I decided I wanted him to sign my ‘Crucible’ theatre play poster and was prepared with my camera and a couple of questions I wanted to ask him. Having got to the train station early disaster struck when I learned my train had been cancelled. This sent me into a tail spin and my anxiety kicked in. I had a panic attack on the platform and sat on the bench crying. I wished I had someone there to just pull me out of it I really had to give myself a good talking to and see what the alternatives were. The next train was not that much later but had two changes before getting the London Olympia whereas my original train went straight there which was so much better for my anxiety.I think a bit about going into London and then getting the tube/over ground train to the venue but took a chance with the 2 changes.

Iain’s photo shoot started at 9.40am which meant I wold have got there after it had started. I tried to calm myself thinking that even if I missed it I would be able to see him at the autograph table. With the summer con a lot of the guests will more than one photo shoot session but sadly Iain only had the one.

As Iain is much taller than me I decided to bring my platform boots (5 and a half inches) for the photo shoot. I would usually put them on when I get there but they a bit of a nuisance and time consuming to get on so I had decided to put them on before setting out. As they are so high they make me very clumsy and are difficult to walk in let alone run in but I found myself running from one platform to another to catch the first and second changes of train to the venue. I was terrified I was going to trip over and injure myself.

Unfortunately as I got to the second train it pulled away and I couldn’t get on it and again I started to panic beginning to think this wouldn’t be my day. I saw a train ticket attendant and asked him if there was a local taxi cab. He was able to give me a card with the phone number on it so I was very lucky that a taxi was able to pick me up from the station and take me straight to the Olympia so by the time I arrived at the venue it was 15 minutes to the photo shoot started. I had to join the Diamond pass queue and then the General Entry pass queue and then the security bag queue!!!!

And then I was racing around trying to find the right photo shoot area. I finally found Iain and as I had a diamond pass was able to go to the front of the queue to enter the photo shoot booth. It was 20 minutes into the photoshoot and I was looking a total mess. Exhausted my feet were killing me in those big platform boots. I saw Iain having photos taken and I tried to compose myself a bit with a few moments to spare and get my breath back as I moved along the queue. Suddenly Iain was standing in front me and he recognised me straight away (I always write to him and tell him I will be coming to see him).

Iain said ‘Hi, oh Hi!!!, how are you? I was wondering where you where? Are you okay? At this point he was smiling at me because it was obvious I had been running and still must have looked a bit puffed out. We posed for the photo and I wrapped my arms around him. In the past I have been so in the moment with Iain I always forget what it feels like to be in his arms but this time I remembered to properly think I AM IN HIS ARMS and PROPERLY FEEL IT you know? He was lovely and warm and smelt fantastic.

The whole photo shoot experience at these comic cons is always very quick and brief. There is very little time or in most cases no time to talk to the actor, it’s a quick hello and then you pose for the photo and then you are moved on so the next person can get there turn. I managed to say to Iain that I would see him later at the autograph table and he squeezed my hand as I left.

In a total daze I collected my bag and jacket and my photo was printed within a few minutes. The photo was okay not my favourite of the two of us. My hair looks a mess but we are both smiling so it could be worse. I can’t stand photos of myself which is why I rarely take selfies. My blog layout header photos are about as brave as I have got) The 2 photos of me with Iain at the London con in 2015 are rare indeed in which we both looked really good and I was so pleased with them.

I came out of the photo shoot area and sat down. I had arranged to meet Clare at the venue and gave her call. Turns out she had her photo taken a little while before me and was really close to where I was sitting. This was the first time had met and had indeed only known each other a week or so but seemed to hit it off very well. We chatted about my bad luck getting there and our experiences meeting Iain. Still buzzing we walked over to where Iain’s autograph table was. He was still taking photos so we sat down and chatted for a while. We decided to join the autograph queue and seemed to make each other nervous about seeing Iain again. The queue was massive as it was in 2015.


This was Clare’s first proper meeting with Iain so I planned to tell him that she was our newest member of Ser Jorah’s Army. As we got closer to him we both had our cameras out desperate to get some pics. Suddenly it was Clare’s turn she had brought a Mormont banner with her for Iain to sign which he did he was very sweet and they talked for a short while. I told Iain Clare was a SJA member and he smiled and said ‘oohh really WOW’. Lol

Clare then moved on and I stood in front of Iain and he smiled and said ‘hello you’ and I laughed and said helloooo. He said ‘Were you okay back then’ (meaning at the photo shoot) and I said er noooo my train cancelled and then I had a panic attack and then I thought I was going to miss the shoot. I was in such a panic. I was crying on the platform!! Iain smiled oh nooo but you made it!’ I said yes just in the nick of time. I said to him that all of SJA was terrified for Jorah’s fate in the final GOT series and he said ‘ooh don’t worry. It will all work out in the end’ He signed my poster and asked me where I had got it from and I told him I had seen the play and got it on the website afterwards as they were not selling posters at the theatre.

He told me it was lovely to see me again and I asked if I could take a photo of him and of course he agreed. We said our goodbyes and the left the queue. I then re-joined Clare and we both got rather excited and needed to calm down a bit. I would have usually stayed longer but needed to get back home for a family event so after a chat Clare and I parted company and of course typically my train was on time on the way home but it was despite the nightmare journey a fabulous day and seeing Iain again was amazing. He never disappoints.

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