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I decided a few months ago that would design a fansite on the actors that play the Willmott Brown family in Eastenders played by William Boyde (James Willmott Brown), Eddie Eyre (Josh Hemmings), Lisa Faulkner (Fi Browning) and Adam Astill (Luke Browning). All but one of the actors has now exited the show which is hugely disappointing as I feel their family had such a wide range of potential storylines to explore.

The family dynamic is unlike any other family in EE so it’s more than a shame to get rid of such interesting characters especially after such a long build up to gripping Weyland and Co reveal storyline last December which was the most exciting storyline EE has had for years. I believe the actors deserve better especially the iconic JWB.

However because I think all the actors were fantastic throughout especially William Boyde as James Willmott Brown and I wanted to support them in their future careers so I have created the main layout of a website and have sought the blessing of all four actors for it to go ahead.

Three of the actors have already given their blessing. Check out the website here . You can follow news and updates on the actors and the fan site at the twitter age @WillmottBrowns – TheWillmottBrowns.

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