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I have been thinking a lot about my depression and my own ups and downs of the last couple of years since I was diagnosed. It isn’t something you can switch off when it gets too much otherwise you would have it permanently off.

You live with it day and night. It’s a daily battle like being in a boxing ring constantly trying to fight it off. People who commit suicide don’t want to end their lives they want to end their pain.

I’m saddened by the ignorance to mental health and depression that airs in events such as this. Nobody chooses to be truly depressed, it’s not because of weakness, and it doesn’t make somebody self-centred nor selfish.

Depression doesn’t just happen for specific reasons that can be pinpointed and simply fixed, it isn’t rational, it isn’t logical, but it hits like a baseball bat to the face…it’s not a case of choosing to smile, feelings of little self-worth can be absolutely debilitating.

Depression doesn’t however, stop people from being kind and good to others
If any good can come of this, remember to treat people well, ensure your words and actions positively affect people, inspire confidence, empower, build, lift others.

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