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The LFCC is definitely the highlight of the year for me, it’s always something I look forward to and always a wide range of guests to meet. As I suffer with Emetophobia and anxiety this can make life quite difficult for me so when I get inside the venue I always need to familiarize myself with the layout of the place, know exactly where the toilets are and the exits are and settle myself down a bit. These types of events are always packed with people so knowing where you need to be for autograph signings and photo shoots is a must as it saves so much time and stress.


Friday nearly didn’t happen at all due to personal issues but I finally managed to get myself to the London Olympia. I had arranged to meet with a friend Jon on arrival but because I was late I didn’t get to see him straight away.  I arrived about 15 minutes before David Morrissey had his first photo shoot of the day so I headed there first. I was in such a rush that I didn’t realise how nervous I was until I was standing in the line waiting for my photo. The queue was very long but orderly, this is not always the case and it took about 20 minutes of waiting until it was my turn.

It had only been a few months since I had last met David at Walker Stalker con in London and he had been so wonderfully supportive about the fan site I had built for him and had followed the accompanying twitter page that day so I sent him a message to say I would be there today and our group would be there tomorrow so to look out for me us. He said he couldn’t wait to see ‘the gang’ again and would give us as much time as he could. Seeing David again was amazing, you couldn’t miss him approaching, such a fantastic figure of a man – he had also a grown a wonderful beard which seemed to excite lots of the ladies including myself.

When it came to my turn he looked at me and smiled and I said Hi Dave, it’s me Sarah who runs the website and he said ‘oh Sarah hi so lovely to see you, thank you so much for all the work you do on the website, it’s fantastic! We had the photo taken and he then said ‘Is Liz here today’ (one of our group) and I said ‘no she is here tomorrow’ I then told Dave I would see him later today in the autograph table. As with Walker Stalker Con earlier in the year I was so nervous and worried about meeting him that my hands were shaking and sweaty but I needn’t have been as Dave is always so lovely. The photo came out really well. I was wearing my 5 inch boots as David being 6’3’’ towers above me at 5’0’’ tall! Lol Even with my boots I was still much shorter but I felt like I was very much in the photo.

I then went to find Jon who looked amazing in his cosplay outfit of Matt Smith’s Dr Who. We spent some time looking at the merchandise stalls and had some lunch and then a little later I saw Dave at the autograph table and he again was so lovely. I had a gorgeous A2 size poster The Governor from The Walking Dead which I asked him to sign which he did with many kisses I may add and thanked me again for the work I do on the website.  I told him I would see him tomorrow with all the rest of the group.

I was so exhausted at this point all the standing around, excitement and nerves had got to me so I said my goodbyes to Jon and headed home.


I arrived at the Olympia just before lunch time and went to the area where Dave’s signing able was. The whole area was filled with people in queues waiting to see guests. With so many people it is often hard to find anyone even with a meeting place organised but eventually Jon found me and the rest of the group joined us.

We all had our photo shoot with Dave so headed to the area to queue.  This time the queue system was pretty awful. Queues for other guests ended up in ours and visa versa. There were many fans looking confused as to where the queue started and ended. We spent what seemed like a long time standing around waiting for our turn however this did give us a chance to natter and mess about. J

We were all nervous by the time we reached the photo shoot cubicle. As you enter a staff member scan your photo shoot ticket and you put all your bags down on the table and queue with the full view of Dave having the photo taken. The photo shoots are always as very quick affair as a lot of guests have a lot of photos to be taken in a short space of time so it’s a quick hello, pose, photo is taken and then you move on. When it came to me Dave said ‘Hello Sarah’ and pulled me towards him and said ‘let’s have a cuddle’! Those brief few moments were pretty wonderful as he held my hand very tightly.

One thing I do dislike about these photo shoots is having the other people queuing watching you when you have your photo taken especially when you are so nervous anyway. It really puts me off and I have to try and block anyone else out. It was lovely to see everyone in our group get there moment with him. All our photos came out really well and were all really buzzing by the time we left the photo shoot area.

We had arranged to meet Dave before lunch back at his signing desk to have a group photo but when we got to his desk he seemed to have cunningly sneaked out already so I after a couple of DM’s back and forth we arranged to try again and catch him after lunch at his signing table. Luckily this time we managed to catch him. Our group were led to the front of his signing desk and we waited there for him to arrive back from lunch. There was a lady who had been assisting him with the autograph signing that day who seemed to know him quite well very kindly offered to take the photo of us with Dave. Eventually he arrived and greeted us all with a smile, said hello to all of us for a few moments. We then organised ourselves into a group around Dave who sat his signing table for the photo. We had couple of taken and we thanked Dave for his time. The photos were fantastic!!

I had to head home soon after so I said goodbye to everyone and left! I was completely exhausted by the time I got home but happy.

See the rest of the photos here

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