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Hi all, it’s been a while since I posted a blog so attending the Walker Stalker con last weekend gives me the perfect excuse.

This event nearly didn’t happen for me due to missing out on buying tickets for it before they sold out but I managed to buy some from a friend a week before which was lucky but then had little time to plan anything.

I had been working on a website for David for some time now and planned to tell him about it later in the year but I figured there may not be an opportunity to talk to him face to face for a while so I decided to write him a letter and tell him that it was still in the process of being built but that he could follow my twitter page that will accompany the website.

My friend and I arrived at the Olympia on Saturday morning to join the back of a long but orderly queue. We must have been standing around for no more than hour when we had crawled our way to the entrance of the venue. P1020365

I didn’t many fans dressed up as Zombies but the ones that did looked amazing. It took no time at all to enter the building and pick up our passes. A very different experience to the London & Film Comic Con where it’s been a lot more crazy but obviously there are so many more fans there so it is expected.

One bonus of the Olympia not being quite so packed is that you can actually see where you are going and where the cloak room is etc which is handy to get your bearings for the larger events.


By this time I was actually quite nervous and wanting to find David’s signing area which was on the ground floor quite close to the entrance. When we found him there was already quite a queue and I stood at the end of it. David was there happily chatting to fans, signings photos and taking selfies. To say my heart rate went up a little watching David is an understatement, I must have taken about 100 photos in the first few moments of watching him. I was holding money and my letter for him running over the words I was hoping to say to him when it was my turn in my mind. David and Scott Wilson were down on the days schedule to do a TWD talk at 11am so unfortunately before I got to him David had to leave to do the talk and the rest of us still standing were given tickets to use on our return so we could get to the front of the queue.P1020154

So Jo and I wondered off before realising that David and Scott’s talk was also on the ground floor and although we didn’t have a seat we could still see them talking so we stood around for the first 30 minutes. David and Scott are obviously good friends they seem to gel really went and were very funny in their responses to fans questions.

I was desperate to try and buy a Funko pop of ‘The Governor’ for David to sign so we wandered around the stalls but couldn’t find one so we went back to David’s queue. I handed a lady my ticket and was second in the queue. We did not have to wait to wait before David returned. I went into full panic mode as I was trying to make sure I had everything I needed. Suddenly I realised that the couple in front of me had left and it was my turn. David was looking at me as I picked the photo I wanted him to sign. This is the first time I have met David and he is a very friendly, easy going person and lovely person to meet but it didn’t stop me feeling sick to stomach with nerves. He said ‘hi how are you?’ and I introduced myself. I started to tell him that I was building this website for him and had tweeted him the evening before. His eyes lit up and he said yes I saw your tweet so I went on to tell him about it and asked for the twitter page URL tag to which I said was in my letter to him. He seemed really excited about it and said he would love to see it when it is complete.


He had signed my photo and said ‘Are we having a photo together’ and I said of course! David is 6’3’’ and I am only 5’0’’ so there is quite a height difference but he was so lovely and cuddly and smelt gorgeous. We had a few photos taken and he gave me hug and thanked me for all my work. I was shaking so much it was like I had forgotten how to smile! Lol

I walked away towards my friend beaming. I stood around for a little longer taking more photos (about 250 in the end) and couldn’t wait to get back home to finish the website.


We wondered around and were lucky enough to see Norman Reedus spraying something form a can over the balcony at the fans below which caused a lot of screaming. We didn’t manage to catch sight of Andrew Lincoln although we did see a long line of fans waiting for their photo shoot with him.

We spent a little longer wandering around looking at the other TWD actors signing tables and got something to eat and drink. It was such a great day and anxiety was pretty good considering I had felt so unwell leading up the day.

Since Saturday David has now followed me on Twitter here @dmorrisseyweb and has liked my tweet on website update so things are going well. I am so glad I went even though it was very short notice I have met some wonderful people (also DM fans) since which is always a great thing).

All photos are my own.

Thanks to Jo @danygonebad (twitter) for coming with me.


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