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Having been rather successful meeting Colin Morgan earlier in the year when I saw The Tempest at the Globe theatre I thought I would try my luck a few times during the run of Mojo the play at the Harold Pinter theatre. This was quite unique in that the play’s cast brought together a number of fandoms who’s paths had never crossed before.ioiiii09

The play is a black comedy set in London’s Soho, a gangster plot that tells the story of this particular night club’s culture. Would-be rock ‘n’ roll star ‘Silver Johnny’ is on the road to fame and fortune during the summer of 1958, but encounters problems with his jealous manager, Ezra, the owner of the Atlantic Club, who is hell-bent on protecting him from the amorous advances of creepy local gangster/entrepreneur Sam Ross. Skinny, a member of Johnny’s group, and one of the club’s pill-popping employees, discovers Ezra sawn in half in separate dustbins, and Ezra’s ambitious associate Mickey announces that Ross intends to take over the Atlantic Club.


I had not heard of the play before so was not expecting the violence and swearing which I am not a fan of, however I loved the cast who are all fabulous actors and enjoyed watching the individual performances. I saw the play twice and found the second viewing was needed to fully understand the plot.

I think on the whole very lucky when it comes to meeting casts at stage doors. You can spend hours waiting for an actor sometimes in awful weather to find they arrived earlier or have gone in through another entrance to avoid the rush of photo seekers and autograph hunters.P1050522 - Copy

I am usually able to get a good sense if someone is really okay to sign a programme, have a photo taken or say hello and those that really just want to go home after a draining performance and bare it in mind before approaching someone although I have found that the actors I like have all been really lovely engaging people who enjoy meetings their fans.

The same can be said for the main cast of Mojo: Rupert Grint, Colin Morgan, Ben Whishaw, Brendan Coyle, Daniel Mays & Tom Rhys Harries who were all wonderful with the fans. Not all of them came out after every show but were great with the fans that were lucky enough to meet them. Colin who although very sweet struck me as being rather shy and looked overwhelmed at times when lots of fans crowded around and were pushing to get close to him.

My first attempt I missed Colin who went in through the main theatre entrance but caught Ben. I was able to give Ben my present and get my programme signed by him. He was very sweet and thanked me for my gift. I got a good number of photos as he was signing for other fans.

On my second attP1050414empt Colin suddenly appeared from a back street and walked towards the stage door. I was the first to speak to him and he seemed really surprised at my gift and very grateful. He signed my ‘The Tempest’ poster with my name whilst my friend took a couple of photos of me talking to him. A number of fans who had been standing on the corner of the road all screamed when they saw him and came running down the road towards us.


I think Colin signed a few autographs and then went in. I was desperate to get a photo with Colin but he often seems reluctant to with lots of fans around which is understandable so I didn’t ask him for one.

I popped back to theatre after work that evening and spent a stupid amount of time waiting at the stage door in the freezing cold. Rupert came out for a smoke during the interval. He was incredibly sweet. I got a photo with him and he signed my programme. He was very approachable and we talked about the show and illness within the cast and how bad it had been.

The winter vomiting bug had swept through the cast and crew over the previous week and poor Daniel Mays was one of its victims. He bravely managed to get through the entire first half and a small part of the second whilst having to leave every 15 minutes to vomit off stage before the understudy took over.

I waited tiIMG_2689ll after and the show saw Colin leaving via the main entrance of the theatre. I was able to get a couple of flyers signed for friends who are huge fans but were not able to make the show. He was really sweet but looked tired so I didn’t keep him for long. There was a lady next to me who was desperate for Colin to sign what I think was a Merlin themed something.

I couldn’t actually see what it was but he kept refusing her saying he couldcmtempest1_0003n’t sign it as it wasn’t official Mojo merchandise but she kept asking him and he kept refusing and apologising. He even offered to sign something else for her but I don’t think she took him up on his offer I didn’t see.

Last night of the play

This was an EPIC night and totally exhausting as I was one of many who had been standing outside the theatre since about 10.30am on the final morning. To cut a long story short after many hours of waiting at the stage door the barriers finally went up at about 9.45pm.


There was a huge and predictable tussle and rush to get to the front of them and sadly there were many fans joining the main group much later on during the day who pushed their way to the front whilst others were there for many hours and struggled to get any near the front of the barriers but that is the way it goes.

All cast members came out and I think everyone in the front row feel very crushed. I managed to get my programme signed by everyone.24

I took some great photos and video clips on the guys who stayed for quite some time. I was able to thank Colin, Ben and Rupert for their time and great performances to which they were all grateful. I was happy to get out of the crush to let others in. I stayed for a while after the cast ha finished signing and noticed Colin and Rupert being escorted by a number of security guys to the pub opposite the theatre whilst being surrounded by fans.   6uufCapture

Many fans around the world contributed to a fan book put together by a couple of fans for the cast full of stories, photos and drawings and memories of meeting the cast and the play. It was a fantastic run and a few months I will never forget.

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