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All premiers are a hit and miss you never know how things will pan out. So my advice is turn up stupidly early and don’t except too much.


My friend and I arrived at the Curzon Cinema Mayfair in London at about 11.20am ish to find no-one there. We were a little surprised as we had been told that dome fans had camped overnight. We noticed a security guard standing in the entrance of the cinema so we went over  and he handed us a wristband each numbers 94 and 95 so we realised that other fans had already collected there wristbands earlier. We were told that we could come back about 4pm and fingers crossed there would be enough room for us in the barrier pens that were set out along where the red carpet was to be.P1010297

We went off to a local café and met some lovely girls who were also there to see Emilia Clarke, we hung out with them for a while and then went off for some lunch.  We returned at about 3.15pm to find loads of fans there already so we just got in line. After an hour or so we were allowed into each pens 20 at a time so we ended in the third pen in the second row behind some nice girls who had been there since the previous day!!

P1010318  After what felt like a couple hours of waiting the guests started to arrive. It was very squashy and cramped waiting with other fans and very uncomfortable at time but seeing Emilia made it worth our while.
Everyone went a little crazy when she walked the red carpet, posing for the photographers and working the media circuit. Unfortunately she didn’t spend a great deal of time with the fans and as we were I the second row (and being very small) we couldn’t see that much and didn’t get any eye contact with her but she did stop to sign for a few of the girls in front of us so we did get close to her and I managed to get many great photos.
Sadly my friend was pushed and shoved so much by a foreign guy there that she missed out on getting her DVD signed.


Jenna Coleman was the last star to arrive and everyone seemed to go ballistic when she walked down the red carpet. She seemed very nice and signed and had photos with as many fans as she could before going into the cinema.

Seeing Emilia was fantastic but next time we will be more prepared and turn up much earlier.

Thanks to Tasha for her company and friendship.

Click here for the rest of the ‘Me before you’ Emilia Clarke and Jenna Coleman

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