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Play is about Joe Keller is your average, hardworking family man, who harbours a secret that threatens to shatter the very household he has built his life on. His son Larry went missing-in-action three and a half years ago, around the same time Joe was embroiled in a scandal which led to the death of 21 pilots and the imprisonment of his business partner. Now, as his other son Chris announces his decision to marry his dead brother’s fiancee, Joe is forced to confront the actions he took in order to allow his son to live free from guilt.P1050768 - Copy

I was lucky enough to see this fantastic play with a wonderful cast including Tom Mannion (better known as Steve Harland in Emmerdale). It was the first time I had been to the Open air theatre, Regent’s Park and it was a wonderful experience. Although pretty cold and drizzily by the second half I ended up having to cover myself with a poncho. We had been told by the staff before the play that the cast had to endure several downpours during their first week and were drenched throughout most of the play but battled through.

All my sons was very moving and traumatic particularly towards the end as it built up to the final couple of scenes. After the play ended my friend and I waited at the bar area hoping to catch Tom Mannion leave. I spied him on the phone at the other end of the bar and patiently waited until he had come off the phone to ask if I could have a photo and a signature. He was very nice and was happy to do both. We had a short chat about the play and I told him how much I liked him in Emmerdale. I think he was meeting someone so we left him by the bar.

It was a lovely night and definitely a theatre I would want to visit again.

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