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My friend Jo and I arrived at the venue at about 9.30am and spent around an hour before we got in. After leaving our suitcases we made our way to the signing area where most of the Game of Thrones guests we wanted to see were already there.

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We first met Jerome Flynn who was lovely and happy to have a photo with us both and he signed by Game of Thrones poster, then we met Mark Addy who was really funny and seemed very happy to meet the fans. He made a funny remark about not being able to have a photo with Jo who was cosplaying as Daenerys Targaryen because she was a TARGARYEN! LOL  P1000822

Throughout the morning we met Kerry Ingram and the wonderful Miriam Margolyes who signed my Blackadder DVD with a quote from Series 2. We then went for a photoshoot with the following GOT actor: Kerry Ingram, Ian Whyte, Elizabeth Webster, Neil Fingleton, Esme Bianco and Roger Ashton-Griffiths who were all lovely.


Now onto the gorgeous Jason Momoa who arrived slightly later than the other actors. He looked pretty amazing. I stood staring at him quite transfixed for a while he is quite figure of a man! I took as many photos as I possibly could.


Jo and I had to wait in a queue that ended outside of the venue in a cold wind for about half an hour to get his autograph but it was well worth it. I mentioned to Jason that I had booked a photoshoot with him later that day and he said’ great let’s do it!’  He signed my GOT poster with my name and I moved on.P1000862

The photoshoot was there and gone in a flash. There was a lady before us that had booked 6 photos with him so were coming up with all sorts of poses which made everyone else in the queue laugh. I asked Jason if he could pick me up with one arm the way he had done before at a Showmasters event but he said ‘I can’t sorry babe’ so we ended up just posing standing next to each other but hey that was good enough for me.

P1000785Jo said he seemed to look at his arm as I was asking him so he may have hurt it which could have been the reason why he refused but he was really polite and sweet about it. Jo and I had to run to the train station to catch our train back home so couldn’t pick up our photoshoots pictures but they came in the post a week or later and were great although Jason is so-ooo tall and makes me look even smaller than I already am! lol but again it was another wonderful trip. P1000803

The Ramada hotel was fantastic and only 5 minutes from the venue. I would totally recommend it as a place to stay in the future. I accidently left my IPad there which is retrieved for me and posted it back to me really quick.

Click here to view the rest of the photos from this event.                                

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