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As I work 5 minutes from The Duke of Yorks theatre it has been easy for me to attempt to meet Orlando Bloom. I think at the beginning I was thinking I would be lucky to get anywhere near him little did I know I would be lucky enough to meet him 14 times over the play’s 3 month run.

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In Celebration is about three brothers – Andrew, Colin and Steven – who return home to the northern roots of their childhood for a family reunion. Although they have returned to celebrate, the explosive complexities of family life and long-held grievances are unlikely to improve the chances of a decent party. It was Compelling and emotionally thrilling, it’s an exploration of family love and of how the consequences of best intentions can threaten to destroy treasured hopes and dreams. ob6 (2)

If I try and write every detail of all 14 visits it will take forever so I thought I would give you a summary and highlights.

Firstly Orlando was wonderful if the play. I had never seen him in the theatre before and was interested to know how good he would be. Watching someone you like perform live is a funny thing. You are used to seeing them on the TV or at the cinema on a screen but for them to literally be right in front of you for 2 and a half hours is quite something.ob6

I had front row tickets and although I was looking upwards at the stage I could still had a fantastic view.

Throughout the whole run Orlando came out to greet fans after every performance and signed for as many people as he could. He spent a lot of time with the fans knowing that a lot had come from other countries to see him and the play. After the first week his security team seemed to have an organised system going.  We got know the security quite well over this few months and I remember one of them telling me he was the nicest celebrity he had ever worked for.


CNV00008 (2)

 Being trampled on by fans during my first visit. I spent 10 hours waiting for Orlando and when he finally came out there was such a crush of fans trying to get to him I was pushed out of the way and trodden on. End up going home with nothing but very bruised body!


After the last performance Orlando came out to greet fans as he usually did. Unfortunately an idiot driving by threw a bottle at him and it smashed not far from him. His security bungled him to his waiting taxi and that was that. His safety came first of course I felt for all those who had been waiting patiently for hours on end.


After the day I was trampled on I went back to the theatre during my lunch break and gave a letter to a member of staff at the stage door for Orlando. I was pretty certain at that I wouldn’t get to meet him so I sent him an SAE with an ‘In Celebration’ flyer and a letter telling him what had happened the night before. I honestly did not expect anything back so when I did 3 days later I couldn’t believe my luck. I got this amazing personally signed flyer from Orlando and 3 kisses!!!

Towards the end of the run I bought Orlando a book on Buddhism which I had given him the week before. I know he is a Buddhist so I thought it was a nice thank you for all his efforts. When he moved along the line of fans towards me I asked

Digital StillCamera

him if you had like the book. He bent down a bit and out his hand on my arm to hear me again as he didn’t catch what I had said. I asked him had received and liked the book I had bought him on Buddhism and he said ‘yeah thank you’.


He asked me if I practiced Buddhism and I said ‘yes I do’ (even though I don’t) it was the first thing that came into my head! He was then ushered along with the wave of fans and his security.


Getting to see Orlando’s dog Sidi up close. Sidi often came to the theatre with Orlando. I got a couple of photos of him leaving the theatre for a walk with Orlando’s mother Sonia..

Making some lovely new friends waiting at the stage door including Rosie being one who was able to build a beautiful little bond with Orlando during those months.

The sheer number of amazing close up photos I was able to take was around the 350 mark. I was very lucky that other than the first time I failed to meet Orlando I managed to get up close to him every time. I managed to get a good number of signed flyers and theatre programmes for fans who couldn’t get to see the show.

All photos are my own.

To view the other video clips click here and here

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