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Guess who I met last night?? The lovely Daniel Radcliffe! 8 hours of being in a queue with fans pushing in paid off. It was quite a scrum at times. Lots of fans sat outside the stage door of the Noel Coward theatre on the ground until the show started, then a security team started putting barriers up around the stage door.

They asked us to move to the other side of the pathway so we were standing against the wall of the other theatre and there we sat/stood and waited until the show ended.

Myself and friends had got there before most but you sadly often get lots of fans trying to push in and this occasion was no exception. We were able to stay together and by the time the show ended the security team asked each one of us to step forward and tell him we were excited and calm in a jokey way and let each of us one by  one to the barriers so I was at the front in the middle of a very large group of fans.

By the time Daniel came out everyone went crazy and the pressure of everyone pushing forwards onto us in the front row was really scary at times. I thought at one point that the barriers may go over.

One poor girl had to be lifted over the barrier as she started to have a panic attack. Daniel made his way round everyone. He was really sweet, patient and funny.


I took as many photos as I could. He signed both my programmes (Equus and TCOI) and even took a picture of me and him together using my camera. He said he getting good at taking ‘selfie’ photos. night. I told him I had loved the show and Equus when I saw it years ago. He kept saying thank you. He looked very tired and still had make up on his face.

Daniel spent as much time as he could with us and then disappeared as quickly as he has appeared. The crowds dispersed really quickly after he went and we were able to breathe again. It was a fab night.

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