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Well I can honestly say this was one of the best celebrity meetings in my life and I’ve had quite a number of them. As some of you may know I suffer with anxiety particularly when travelling at times and had actually had a really bad night the night before feeling unwell and had had no sleep. Even on the day when my dad was driving me to High Wycombe my stomach was churning and I was worried that if I had a an anxiety attack whilst there on my own how would I cope but somehow I made myself do it and gosh I am so glad I did.W&WIG260714-1

We were actually the first to arrive 20 minutes before it opened so I sat in the grass under a tree trying to settle my mind down and wondering how the day was going to pan out. When I got my ticket I walked round to find a good spot which happened to be just in front of the main cricket club house. I had only been sitting there for about 5 minutes and I noticed car pull up behind the house. You could see in and out of the other side and I saw Iain walk into the club house and disappeared.

A short while later Iain camW&WIG260714-020e outside to join a small group of other cricket players and lit a cigarette. He was wearing a short sleeved green shirt and shorts. He was standing right next to me chatting and then the other guys started talking amongst themselves for a while and he just looking a round so I thought right now is the time.

I said ‘Hi Iain’ and he looked down at me and gave me a lovely smile and said ‘Hi nice to meet you’. I said ‘I’m Sarah and I’m a huge fan of you and have come just to see you play today’ He said ‘Oh thank you’ I said ‘is it possible to have a photo taken with you at some point today. He said ‘yes of course any time, anytime you want’ I then said I also have a letter for you.


I told him that I had spent some time creating a website on him and it had become quite popular and I would love to know he thought of it. ‘He said ‘really WOW thank you so much, what‘s it called’ and then I forgot my own sites name and stumbled over my words!! I eventually managed to get out but I said the address is in the letter. He said ’yes I will definitely look at it’. I asked if we could have the photo taken now and he said ‘sure’ so I asked another of the actors if they would mind taking the photos of us which he was happy to do. Iain had a fag in one hand and his other arm round me.

Afterwards I thanked him again and gave him my letter and left him to himself. He wondered about a bit, chatted on his phone. I could take my eyes off him and his lovely tanned legs. He was so friendly to everyone, introducing himself and generally being gorgeous. I also noticed his earring which I had never seen before. It kind of suited him. He then went back in to the club house with the other players to get changed. In the meantime I was having a small fit that I had just met him and he had had his arm round me.

Shortly afterwards he came back out with the other actors and had a warm up before the match. It was getting pretty hot by then and I should have moved into the shade but I couldn’t take my eyes off him and so didn’t move. A mistake I do now regret.

He was actually very good at Cricket. He bowled very well and caught a lot of balls. I just sat there clicking away on my camera which has a fab zoom on it and was able to get lots of close photos. I have taken a number of video clips as well of Iain playing cricket and one of him during the break talking to someone. The actors bowled first and this went on for an hour and a half and then there was a break. When he came up the steps towards me he glanced at me and I clapped him and said ‘Well done Iain’ and he smiled and winked at me.


It was at this point that my arms were starting to burn and did not have any suntan lotion so I moved myself onto a seat in front of the commentators out of the sun. When Iain came out he was smoking and sat on the seat that I had been sitting on. This lady came over and chatted to him for a while hence the photos of him sitting on the bench.

After 25 minutes of a break they all went back out to play again which went on for another hour at least. Then at lunch time he came off the pitch and went into the cricket house and disappeared for quite a while and then I suddenly noticed he had been joined by his lovely family.

After lunch it was the Actors turn to bat but Iain must have not been on for quite some time because he stayed with his family. My mum had arranged to pick me up at 4.30pm and it 4pm when the actors had just started batting. So I didn’t actually get to see the end of the match, I don’t know who won but at 4.20pm I noticed Iain had moved away from his family and was watching the match whilst sitting chatting to a friend. I really want him to sign my poster of him in Fortunes Fool early this year but I wasn’t sure whether to approach him so I watched for a while and then picked my moment.


I tapped him on the shoulder and said’ Hi Iain, I’m going to be shooting off now but I wondered if you would mind signing this poster for me and he ‘yes of course’ He said ‘it’s Sarah’ isn’t it’ ahhhhhh he remembered my name!! I said ‘yep’. He signed the poster with a little kiss on it and said again ‘it was so lovely to meet you’ and I said ‘you too Iain’ thanks for today, take care’ and then I left him and walked away.

It was so hard walking away from him and I kept glancing over at him as I walked back to the car park. My dad was waiting for me in the car park and when I got into the car I realised how badly sunburnt I was. My arms have been hell over the last 2 days and I haven’t been able to sleep since because they are still so sore but it was so worth the pain. Best day EVER and my anxiety was fine so I was so proud of myself for make myself face it and do it!

You can view the other video clip here

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