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Well after my last meeting with Kit I didn’t think it could get any better but you know what? it did!
I and a couple of friends met at about 12pm outside the theatre. It was such a glorious day weather wise we were so lucky. Kit arrived just before 12.30pm now at this stage I was planning to try and get a few words with Kit about the gift I had bought for him – a leather journal below. (also see Part 1 here).kitjournal

When I saw Kit I took my opportunity and went straight to him and asked him if he like the journal I got for him to which he was unbelievably sweet. Kit seemed genuinely touched by the gift and said he has been using it and that it was very thoughtful.

P1010035He kept touching my shoulder. He noted that I had sent him a flyer for him to sign and send back to me which he said he would. I then asked for a hug and we had a little hug which was lovely. He said the journal was in his dressing room. My friend Sophie managed to record our conversation on video.
And then we decided to go round the Garrick theatre which is about 2 minutes walk from the Duke of York’s theatre (they are actually behind each other). It was 12th May and Richard’s first performance night so he could turn up anytime we really needed a bit of luck.  P1010043

After about 20 minutes of waiting we were just wondering if we should go off and get some lunch and try and catch him on another day when he turned up so of course we approached him and asked him for a photo and like Kit was incredibly sweet and kind. We managed to get a photo with him and the theatre flyer signed. I also took a number of photos of Richard. So we were very lucky.


We went off to get some lunch and then made our way back to see the Dr Faustus matinee which was just as good the second time around.

We waited at the stage door after the show and met Kit again who spent ages signing and having as many photos as he possibly could.

There was an autograph dealer guy there that Kit and his minder had an issue with. So I was able to get some wonderful photos of Kit, with Kit and he signed my Dr Faustus poster.


All in all a very successful day.


Click here for the other video of Kit at the stage door.

Thanks to Sophie and Tasha for their company and friendship.

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