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It took 3 attempts to see this show ad even then it was at my local cinema. As with most productions at the Donmar Warehouse theatre it sold out long before the play’s run began. So I had been trying to get tickets through their weekly FRONT ROW tickets for £10 release system but to no avail so when the opportunity came to watch the play live at my cinema I jumped at the chance. The play was fantastic, such an incredible cast including my main guy Dominic West. It was an unique experience for me seeing a play in a cinema which I really enjoyed.P100072.,l0

But of course I really wanted to meet Dominic so after a number of failed attempts I finally made it to the Donmar in Covent Garden 2 days before the run ended. I got there at about 9.20pm thinking I wouldn’t be hanging around for long but it was so cold that night and after ten minutes my fingers were starting to get really numb. I had got to know two lovely ladies Sophie and Tasha on twitter who I also knew were heading down there to meet Dominic that night so I arranged to meet them at the stage door at 10pm. It was nice to finally have people to talk to and distract me from the cold.

Not long after the show finished and people started leaving the theatre. We all started to get a bit nervous and excited. I was hoping to get the chance to ask Dominic if he had had the chance to read my letter to him about the website I had created for him when I meet him a couple of weeks earlier. By the time he left the theatre there was about 20 people waiting to catch him. Luckily we three got in there first. He was so lovely and kind. We all got photos with him and of him. He walked away from us to other fans so thought I can’t let the opportunity lie so I raced round the face him and when he had finished speaking to a fan.

I asked him about the website and he said ’oh yeah yeah. I have and it’s fantastic. I will get back to you I promise’, ‘I have to reply to a number of people over this weekend and you are definitely one of them’. ‘Thank you so much’. I squealed with joy at this and ran back to Sophie and Tasha who were both listening to Dominic talking to me. I felt so happy.

Dom spent a bit more time talking to others fans and then disappeared. We stood around gushing about him for a while and then decided to go home and as we were going the same way we stooped for a refreshments break and t warm up a bit. I had had a wonderful time but was so relived to get home in the warm. So much work goes into building a website especially  an actor with so many credits to his name and having had a hard time with a slightly nutty fan I was glad to finally get it recognised.

A week later I received a letter from Dom about the website and as you can see he was ‘astonished’ at the support the fans have given him. I intend to keep him updated with the website’s content and success.

Thanks to @Sophistication1 and @Tashster for their wonderful company and friendship.


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