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So my day started with me getting up at 5:45am for work. I had not slept at all and was so tired. My anxiety level was pretty high mostly at the possibility of meeting Iain again who I have not met since the 2015 London and Film Comic Con.

The event was the #Game4Grenfell charity football match at the QPR football ground at Loftus Road. There were a mixture of celebrities and former football players in the two teams. I left work at 10:30am and got the train to Shepherd’s Bush station. I admit I was not at all prepared for the number of fans that were there 3 hours and longer before the match but when I got to the football stadium the barriers were already out and I was about 6 rows from the front. Being so small I couldn’t see a thing and I started thinking that maybe today just wasn’t going to be my day. My friend Helen who was there to see Jamie Dornan arrived and we chatted about where best to stand. More barriers were put out and we managed to get to the front of them but they were so far down the road we didn’t think anyone would stop that far down and see us.

I stood around for a while not really knowing what to do for the best and Helen noticed a lady standing in front of us with a ‘Jorah’ funko pop box so I went and chatted to her. Turns this rather lovely lady was Marnie @m_t_graphics who is one of wonderful members of Ser Jorah’s Army and had contributed to the fan book we gave to Iain in 2015. Small world eh?

I was just thinking I’m not going to get anywhere near Iain from my current position when I thought I had spotted him on the other side of the road. I literally left my friend for dust and just yelled ‘OMG it’s Iain’!! I shot across the road with my camera in hand and when I got closer I realised IT WAS IAIN!

He was already being approached by fans for photos and signatures so I waited patiently until he was in front of me and then everything happened so quickly –  he looked at me and I said ‘Hi Iain it’s Sarah’ and he said ‘oh Sarah hi how are you? I got your letter that you were coming’ I said ‘I’m fine it’s so good to see you it’s been a couple of years hasn’t it? He then bent down to give me a hug which was amazing and then I asked him if it was okay for a photo and I literally threw my camera at poor unsuspecting lady and asked her if she would mind taking a photo of us together which she did. He was so lovely as he bent down for me and just grabbed him close to me. I didn’t realise I had my hand of his torso!! Lol

I asked him about when he would be filming the next Jack Taylor series and he said not till 2019!!!!! So we a long wait for it I’m afraid. I got the feeling that GOT Series 8 will take up a lot of the next year for him. I told him we were just glad he had survived this series of Game of Thrones but other fans were asking him for signatures and photos so I’m not sure he heard me say it. I stood back and let others in speak to him whilst taking the opportunity to take some photos of him.

Lots of fans were surrounding by this time him and a security guy came over to help him over the road to the stadium entrance. Iain said to him’ I think I’m going to need some help here’ and thought that was my moment with him was over with but as the security guy went to guide him away from the fans he was still almost facing me and he grabbed my hand and squeezed it and said’ It was so lovely to see you again Sarah, I will see you soon’ and I said goodbye…. I was slightly shakey at this point and ran back across the road to the barrier at the entrance where my friend was waiting and said I met him!!!!!!!!!!! And I got a photo with him and told her what everything that had happened.

About a few moments later Iain was going into the venue and walked along the barrier signing. He was so sweet and patient with everyone. I was too far back and too small for him to see me but I did manage to get a few photos. Helen got loads of photos of him for me which she kindly said she would send to me. He stood back and posed for fans so they could take a photo of him. WOW what a guy!! He then went in and I took a deep breath – all this and the match hadn’t even started yet!

We then waited for actor Jamie Dornan. By this time there seemed to be two places to enter the stadium and we weren’t sure where he would come in. A guy came over to us and we heard him talking to a guy who was standing next to us and he said that Jamie was just down the road walking up here so we both ran to try and catch him. He was flagged by security and loads of fans trying to photos and autos. It was quite difficult for us to get close to him and although Helen was not able to get a selfie or autograph she did manage to take some great photos.

After Jamie had gone in we decided to go to Westfield’s shopping centre and get something to drink and calm ourselves down. It was such a warm day and my bag was so heavy. When we came back we decided to go in and take our seats. We were in the first front tier so great view of the pitch and players.

We had to wait for about an hour before the players came on the pitch for a warm up. Because the event was for the survivors and relatives of the Grenfell Tower disaster there was a lot of stuff to support them which was very sweet. They walked around the outside of the pitch to applause from the crowd. There was a minute silence before kick-off and some of the survivors and firefighter’s that fought the fire that night joined the players on the pitch and were part of both teams. They got the biggest applause of the day.

So Iain and Jamie both come out onto the pitch and Helen and I start going made with taking photos. It was like someone had possessed us!! Lol I got about 300 photos of the whole day and a number of video clips of Iain playing football and warming up.

Now I knew Iain is a keen sportsman I have already had the honour of seeing him play Cricket in 2014 for Words and Wickets (you can read my meeting with him and see photos here) but I was so amazed at how fit he really is for a man of 56 years old. He totally AMAZING in a football kit – just took my breath away! He chatted a lot to singer Olly Murs and other players.

Iain was in Team Ferdinand in Team Shearer

When the match started runner legend Sir Mo Farrah scored the first goal for Team Ferdinand. Iain himself didn’t come on till 5 minutes before the end of the first half and then for another 15 minutes in the second half. He did get stuck in and didn’t shy away from the ball. Apart from the ‘almost own goal’ (the ball bounced off the goal post) he really did brilliantly well considering he was the oldest man in both teams – I was so proud of him.

At half time there were musical performances from Rita Ora and Cheryl Tweedy.

By lucky chance we happened to sit next to 2 ladies who were also Iain fans. One was celebrating her 30th birthday. Everytime Iain went past us they yelled ‘GO JORAH GO JORAH GO JORAH’!! Not sure if he heard or not though.

The only couple of things that were disappointing was that

The only couple of things that were disappointing on the day. At the end of the match the score was 2-2 so there was to be a penalty shoot out – now it was at this time when half the crowd had a bit of mad moment  which started when a boy ran onto the pitch who was then joined by another both wanting to get close to the players. Within a few minutes everyone was out of their seats and running on the pitch surrounding the players. There were lots of announcements for fans to get back in their seats and most of the players had to be taken back inside for their own safety. It was pretty annoying and I can’t understand the parents for letting their kids do this but there were just as many adults on the pitch too. Not only was it time wasting but really dangerous and disrespectful to the players and the rest of the crowd. It took a good 10-15minutes for fans to return to their seats before the players were brought back out and the penalty shoot-out could start. Unfortunately this happened again at the end of the match and I think the players would have done a lap around the pitch after the match to thank fans for turning up and the support. A perfect opportunity for those who had not seen the players close up to take photos etc. Some players stayed on the pitch but others went in and that was that. It seems a couple of fans got photos with Iain on the pitch at the end but we decided not to invade the pitch and left via the exit.

After about an hour waiting for them to leave we decided to go home. It took me a couple of hours to get back when usually an half an hour journey due to train delays and I was completely shattered when I  got home but so happy and so relieved it worked out so well. Still on cloud nine 2 days later!

There are lots more photos to come later this week.

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Another day another website launch! This time it’s the brilliant, amazing and gorgeous David Morrissey (The Walking Dead and The Missing) A retweet and 3 direct messages from the man himself who is loving the website already. Mission accomplished.


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Hi all, it’s been a while since I posted a blog so attending the Walker Stalker con last weekend gives me the perfect excuse.

This event nearly didn’t happen for me due to missing out on buying tickets for it before they sold out but I managed to buy some from a friend a week before which was lucky but then had little time to plan anything.

I had been working on a website for David for some time now and planned to tell him about it later in the year but I figured there may not be an opportunity to talk to him face to face for a while so I decided to write him a letter and tell him that it was still in the process of being built but that he could follow my twitter page that will accompany the website.

My friend and I arrived at the Olympia on Saturday morning to join the back of a long but orderly queue. We must have been standing around for no more than hour when we had crawled our way to the entrance of the venue. I didn’t many fans dressed up as Zombies but the ones that did looked amazing. It took no time at all to enter the building and pick up our passes. A very different experience to the London & Film Comic Con where it’s been a lot more crazy but obviously there are so many more fans there so it is expected.

One bonus of the Olympia not being quite so packed is that you can actually see where you are going and where the cloak room is etc which is handy to get your bearings for the larger events.

By this time I was actually quite nervous and wanting to find David’s signing area which was on the ground floor quite close to the entrance. When we found him there was already quite a queue and I stood at the end of it. David was there happily chatting to fans, signings photos and taking selfies. To say my heart rate went up a little watching David is an understatement, I must have taken about 100 photos in the first few moments of watching him. I was holding money and my letter for him running over the words I was hoping to say to him when it was my turn in my mind. David and Scott Wilson were down on the days schedule to do a TWD talk at 11am so unfortunately before I got to him David had to leave to do the talk and the rest of us still standing were given tickets to use on our return so we could get to the front of the queue.

So Jo and I wondered off before realising that David and Scott’s talk was also on the ground floor and although we didn’t have a seat we could still see them talking so we stood around for the first 30 minutes. David and Scott are obviously good friends they seem to gel really went and were very funny in their responses to fans questions.

I was desperate to try and buy a Funko pop of ‘The Governor’ for David to sign so we wandered around the stalls but couldn’t find one so we went back to David’s queue. I handed a lady my ticket and was second in the queue. We did not have to wait to wait before David returned. I went into full panic mode as I was trying to make sure I had everything I needed. Suddenly I realised that the couple in front of me had left and it was my turn. David was looking at me as I picked the photo I wanted him to sign. This is the first time I have met David and he is a very friendly, easy going person and lovely person to meet but it didn’t stop me feeling sick to stomach with nerves. He said ‘hi how are you?’ and I introduced myself. I started to tell him that I was building this website for him and had tweeted him the evening before. His eyes lit up and he said yes I saw your tweet so I went on to tell him about it and asked for the twitter page URL tag to which I said was in my letter to him. He seemed really excited about it and said he would love to see it when it is complete.

He had signed my photo and said ‘Are we having a photo together’ and I said of course! David is 6’3’’ and I am only 5’0’’ so there is quite a height difference but he was so lovely and cuddly and smelt gorgeous. We had a few photos taken and he gave me hug and thanked me for all my work. I was shaking so much it was like I had forgotten how to smile! Lol


I walked away towards my friend beaming. I stood around for a little longer taking more photos (about 250 in the end) and couldn’t wait to get back home to finish the website.

We wondered around and were lucky enough to see Norman Reedus spraying something form a can over the balcony at the fans below which caused a lot of screaming. We didn’t manage to catch sight of Andrew Lincoln although we did see a long line of fans waiting for their photo shoot with him.

We spent a little longer wandering around looking at the other TWD actors signing tables and got something to eat and drink. It was such a great day and anxiety was pretty good considering I had felt so unwell leading up the day.

Since Saturday David has now followed me on Twitter here @dmorrisseyweb and has liked my tweet on website update so things are going well. I am so glad I went even though it was very short notice I have met some wonderful people (also DM fans) since which is always a great thing).

For the rest of the photos click here for David Morrissey (The Governor on The Walking Dead) photos and click here for my Norman Reedus photos.

All photos are my own.

Thanks to Jo @danygonebad (twitter) for coming with me.


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That was a fantastic day Saturday was! Not nearly as crazy as year at LFCC. I had booked tickets just for the Saturday but I managed to fit in so much that I didn’t actually need a Sunday ticket.

I got to the Olympia pretty early and the joined queue. Everything seemed a lot more organized this time round. Lessons had clearly been learned from the previous few years. I was inside the venue almost as I joined the queue. This time round I was able to pick up my JG diamond pass and have my tickets scanned before joining the queue.

stjgLFCC2016  stntLFCC2016.  

We were allowed enter the convention about an hour after I arrived and I headed straight upstairs to where the signing desks were. I located most of the main actors I wanted to meet and tried to meet up with some friends who were also there. The next few hours were a mix of going back and forth, standing in queues and then re-joining our group. All of the Game of Thrones guests except for Jack Gleeson were altogether which worked well when there weren’t many people but by late morning and into the afternoon the queues of many fans backed onto each other which got very confusing and difficult for people who happened to be walking through that area to get through the numbers of people. Even the smaller GOT guest had really long queues.

My main guest for that day was Game of Thrones actor Jack Gleeson who I had not met before. I had a diamond pass for him so I knew it wouldn’t be a trial to get to meet him so I decided to get his signature first. I went to his queue which was away from the other GOT guests and with all the bigger more high profile main guests. I showed the staff my diamond pass and was allowed to join the queue straight away I took as many photos as I could. He seemed quite friendly and chatty and before I knew it was my turn to say hello. As always I felt quite nervous beforehand and had a number of things I had planned to say to him but failed to mention any of them. He was very sweet and signed my ‘Baratheon’ logo poster. I asked how he was and how great it was to meet him. He was very sweet and thanked me for coming. I managed to take a few photos of him whilst he was signing my poster. It was all over very quickly really.

 P1010641  P1020103  P1020083 
I then re-joined our group and started to queue for the smaller GOT guests with some of my friends. Natalia Tena, Joe Naufahu, Daniel Portman, Richard Brake, Gemma Whelan, Kristian Nairn and Finn Jones were all lovely in particular Joe and Natalia. What friendly and engaging people. I loved them. Natalia was completely bonkers. I mentioned to her that I was going to the Berlin Comic Com in October to her and my fave guy in the world Iain Glen. She asked me if I been there before which I haven’t and she told me I had to try this amazing German sausage and went on to describe it in some rather saucy details!! She even wrote the name of it on my GOT poster she signed for me. And Joe N was amazingly lovely and friendly. He was the first celebrity at any convention I have been to to be standing in front of the signing table to greet fans. He seemed so at easy and as if he was really enjoying the experience. I got a lovely photo with him.

It was then time for my photo shoots with Jack Gleeson and Natalia Tena. Natalia is an absolute gem, very engaging and friendly. I warmed to her immediately. I had my photO shoot with her first. I always try and think of a pose beforehand for the professional shoots but couldn’t think of anything good enough so when it was my turn she shook my hand and asked for my name.

  P1010990  P1010810  P1010834    
I went over to Dominic Monaghan’s signing queue and luckily did not need to wait too long till it was my turn. I had met him before at Collector mania in 2003 and remember how busy he was back then, LOTR was still at the height of its popularity so all the LOTR guest were so busy with people. When it came to my turn I had brought my LOTR poster from the first movie of the Trilogy and he commented it how it was his favourite of the LOTR posters.

He was very friendly and chatty a lot more than I recall the last time I met him but I think because it was so hectic he probably didn’t have the time to chat to fans as much as he would have liked. I got my poster signed and took as many photos as I could of him before I got to him.

P1020013  P1010853  P1020069  

The GOT talk was a bit disappointing for me. There were plenty of guests on the panel and I realise they can’t all be engaging all of the time but most of the questions were answered with one word and they seemed a little bored a times. When you have paid £20 a ticket you do expect to see a little more effort put in than that. Daniel Portman and Kristian Nairn were the most talkative of the bunch.

After the talk I met my friends and we decided to get something to eat. I actually at this point didn’t have any more guests I wanted to meet so I was able to slow down a bit and have a wonder around the stalls. By mid-afternoon I was done.

P1010930  P1010926  
It’s always a bit manic when you are trying to race around getting autos/pshoots but there is usually a point when things slow down and you can catch your breathe.

Sam Neill Cancellation

Now this was my biggest disappointment of the year! When Sam a lifetime idol of mine was announced I couldn’t have been happier. I bought a diamond pass before anyone. I have not ever met Sam before and he is not an easy person to be able to meet mainly because he lives in NZ. I have never been so excited over any other guest announced for any Comic Con (other than Ian Glen of course) so you can imagine my disappointment and upset at his cancellation only a few days later. I was and still AM absolutely gutted and that is an understatement. I just hope SM can arrange for him to attend at a later date.

95747 (1)
Post event

There was a lot of talk after the weekend about guests Famke Janssen and Steven Berkoff and how disappointed and angry fans were due to the way they were treated by them. Not acknowledging a lot of fans, looking miserable, being rude and not smiling in the professional shots. Fans pay a lot of money for these photos and again as I said with the GOT talk effort means a lot. If you are going to pay £50 plus for photo shoot the guest should at least make an effort to look like they want to be there. I hear that Famke was not well that day however really it would have been better if she had cancelled and gone on another day rather not being even 50% fit for it.

Click here to see the rest of the photos from LFCC 2016.



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All premiers are a hit and miss you never know how things will pan out. So my advice is turn up stupidly early and don’t except too much.

My friend and I arrived at the Curzon Cinema Mayfair in London at about 11.20am ish to find no-one there. We were a little surprised as we had been told that dome fans had camped overnight. We noticed a security guard standing in the entrance of the cinema so we went over  and he handed us a wristband each numbers 94 and 95 so we realised that other fans had already collected there wristbands earlier. We were told that we could come back about 4pm and fingers crossed there would be enough room for us in the barrier pens that were set out along where the red carpet was to be.

P1010297  P1010385

We went off to a local café and met some lovely girls who were also there to see Emilia Clarke, we hung out with them for a while and then went off for some lunch.  We returned at about 3.15pm to find loads of fans there already so we just got in line. After an hour or so we were allowed into each pens 20 at a time so we ended in the third pen in the second row behind some nice girls who had been there since the previous day!!

P1010318  P1010387

After what felt like a couple hours of waiting the guests started to arrive. It was very squashy and cramped waiting with other fans and very uncomfortable at time but seeing Emilia made it worth our while. Everyone went a little crazy when she walked the red carpet, posing for the photographers and working the media circuit. Unfortunately she didn’t spend a great deal of time with the fans and as we were I the second row (and being very small) we couldn’t see that much and didn’t get any eye contact with her but she did stop to sign for a few of the girls in front of us so we did get close to her and I managed to get many great photos. Sadly my friend was pushed and shoved so much by a foreign guy there that she missed out on getting her DVD signed.

P1010409  P1010410

Jenna Coleman was the last star to arrive and everyone seemed to go ballistic when she walked down the red carpet. She seemed very nice and signed and had photos with as many fans as she could before going into the cinema.

Seeing Emilia was fantastic but next time we will be more prepared and turn up much earlier.

Thanks to Tasha for her company and friendship.

Click here for the rest of the ‘Me before you’ Emilia Clarke and Jenna Coleman

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Well after my last meeting with Kit I didn’t think it could get any better but you know what? it did!
I and a couple of friends met at about 12pm outside the theatre. It was such a glorious day weather wise we were so lucky. Kit arrived just before 12.30pm now at this stage I was planning to try and get a few words with Kit about the gift I had bought for him – a leather journal below. (also see Part 1 here).


When I saw Kit I took my opportunity and went straight to him and asked him if he like the journal I got for him to which he was unbelievably sweet. Kit seemed genuinely touched by the gift and said he has been using it and that it was very thoughtful.


He kept touching my shoulder. He noted that I had sent him a flyer for him to sign and send back to me which he said he would. I then asked for a hug and we had a little hug which was lovely. He said the journal was in his dressing room. My friend Sophie managed to record our conversation on video.

And then we decided to go round the Garrick theatre which is about 2 minutes walk from the Duke of York’s theatre (they are actually behind each other). It was 12th May and Richard’s first performance night so he could turn up anytime we really needed a bit of luck.

P1010063   P1010043
 After about 20 minutes of waiting we were just wondering if we should go off and get some lunch and try and catch him on another day when he turned up so of course we approached him and asked him for a photo and like Kit was incredibly sweet and kind. We managed to get a photo with him and the theatre flyer signed. I also took a number of photos of Richard. So we were very lucky.

P1010064   P1010048
 We went off to get some lunch and then made our way back to see the Dr Faustus matinee which was just as good the second time around.

P1010121better  P1010086
 We waited at the stage door after the show and met Kit again who spent ages signing and having as many photos as he possibly could.

There was an autograph dealer guy there that Kit and his minder had an issue with. So I was able to get some wonderful photos of Kit, with Kit and he signed my Dr Faustus poster.

All in all a very successful day.

For the rest of the photos click here for Dr Faustus – Kit Harington 2016 photos and click here for my Richard Madden photos.

All photos are my own.

Thanks to Sophie and Tasha for their company and friendship.

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Okay so as we all know by now Jon Snow is alive!! My friend @danygonebad and I were lucky to have front row tickets to see Kit in his play Dr Faustus currently showing at the Duke of York’s theatre in London last week.

Untitled-1  P1000961
 The show itself was unlike anything else I had ever seen at the theatre. Full of energy and passion, not what i was expecting at all. Dr Faustus makes a pact with the Devil, selling his soul in return for the ability to perform absolutely anything he pleases with the power of black magic.

This fatal decision catapults him into an intoxicating world of celebrity, as he becomes a world-renowned conjuror, international heartthrob and friend of the rich, famous and powerful.

Sadly we missed Kit arriving but tried our luck after the show. The weather had taken a turn for the worst by the time the play had finished and when we got outside it was raining quite hard. We did manage to get a spot against the barriers but with two bikes in the way it was a bit difficult.
Still Kit came out and went round everyone signing autographs and then went round again doing selfies so I managed to get my programme signed and a selfie plus a bunch of photos. He was very sweet and very generous with his time.

The next day

 I had bought Kit a special gift that I had especially made for him. I read that he does a lot of writing and obviously he does a fair amount of travelling so I chose a beautiful leather journal hand made.


Kit arrived a couple of hours before the show. I was the first there but by the time Kit arrived there were a number of fans waiting for him.

P1010004   P1010005

I was the first to approach him and offered the gift to him to which Kit seemed very touched and told me he would enjoy opening it. He asked me if I had seen the show and whether I had enjoyed it. We had a number of photos taken. Kit was very happy to see and greet fans – not so happy to see the paparazzi guy hanging around taking photos.

The only positive thing that came out of the paps guy being there was he took photos of me and Kit which ended up being featured in the Metro London paper a few days later.

hh  tumblr_o6dj1zLqN11tlp366o4_1280  kit-harington-greets-his-fans-before-a-performance-02
For the rest of the photos click here: Dr Faustus – Kit Harington 2016 photos

All photos are my own.

Thanks to danygonebadSophie and Tasha for their company.

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My friend Jo and I arrived at the venue at about 9.30am and spent around an hour before we got in. After leaving our suitcases we made our way to the signing area where most of the Game of Thrones guests we wanted to see were already there. We first met Jerome Flynn who was lovely and happy to have a photo with us both and he signed by Game of Thrones poster, then we met Mark Addy who was really funny and seemed very happy to meet the fans. He made a funny remark about not being able to have a photo with Jo who was cosplaying as Daenerys Targaryen because she was a TARGARYEN! LOL

IMG copy copy  P1000822  P1000768 
Throughout the morning we met Kerry Ingram and the wonderful Miriam Margolyes who signed my Blackadder DVD with a quote from Series 2. We then went for a photoshoot with the following GOT actor: Kerry Ingram, Ian Whyte, Elizabeth Webster, Neil Fingleton, Esme Bianco and Roger Ashton-Griffiths who were all lovely.

Now onto the gorgeous Jason Momoa who arrived slightly later than the other actors. He looked pretty amazing. I stood staring at him quite transfixed for a while he is quite figure of a man! I took as many photos as I possibly could. Jo and I had to wait in a queue that ended outside of the venue in a cold wind for about half an hour to get his autograph but it was well worth it. I mentioned to Jason that I had booked a photoshoot with him later that day and he said’ great let’s do it!’  He signed my GOT poster with my name and I moved on.

P1000785  P1000862

The photoshoot was there and gone in a flash. There was a lady before us that had booked 6 photos with him so were coming up with all sorts of poses which made everyone else in the queue laugh. I asked Jason if he could pick me up with one arm the way he had done before at a Showmasters event but he said ‘I can’t sorry babe’ so we ended up just posing standing next to each other but hey that was good enough for me. Jo said he seemed to look at his arm as I was asking him so he may have hurt it which could have been the reason why he refused but he was really polite and sweet about it.Jo and I had to run to the train station to catch our train back home so couldn’t pick up our photoshoots pictures but they came in the post a week or later and were great although Jason is so-ooo tall and makes me look even smaller than I already am! lol but again it was another wonderful trip. The Ramada hotel was fantastic and only 5 minutes from the venue. I would totally recommend it as a place to stay in the future. I accidently left my IPad there which is retrieved for me and posted it back to me really quick.

P1000803  P1000831

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Hey all, it’s been quite a while since I worked on Visions of you. I decided after 14 years of having the website I should convert to a WordPress blog so here it is – a re-launch of VISIONS OF YOU.  I have an additional domain to which is and a re-vamp of the theme and layout.

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It took 3 attempts to see this show ad even then it was at my local cinema. As with most productions at the Donmar Warehouse theatre it sold out long before the play’s run began. So I had been trying to get tickets through their weekly FRONT ROW tickets for £10 release system but to no avail so when the opportunity came to watch the play live at my cinema I jumped at the chance. The play was fantastic, such an incredible cast including my main guy Dominic West. It was an unique experience for me seeing a play in a cinema which I really enjoyed.


But of course I really wanted to meet Dominic so after a number of failed attempts I finally made it to the Donmar in Covent Garden 2 days before the run ended. I got there at about 9.20pm thinking I wouldn’t be hanging around for long but it was so cold that night and after ten minutes my fingers were starting to get really numb. I had got to know two lovely ladies Sophie and Tasha on twitter who I also knew were heading down there to meet Dominic that night so I arranged to meet them at the stage door at 10pm. It was nice to finally have people to talk to and distract me from the cold.

Not long after the show finished and people started leaving the theatre. We all started to get a bit nervous and excited. I was hoping to get the chance to ask Dominic if he had had the chance to read my letter to him about the website I had created for him when I meet him a couple of weeks earlier. By the time he left the theatre there was about 20 people waiting to catch him. Luckily we three got in there first. He was so lovely and kind. We all got photos with him and of him. He walked away from us to other fans so thought I can’t let the opportunity lie so I raced round the face him and when he had finished speaking to a fan.

I asked him about the website and he said ’oh yeah yeah. I have and it’s fantastic. I will get back to you I promise’, ‘I have to reply to a number of people over this weekend and you are definitely one of them’. ‘Thank you so much’. I squealed with joy at this and ran back to Sophie and Tasha who were both listening to Dominic talking to me. I felt so happy.

Dom spent a bit more time talking to others fans and then disappeared. We stood around gushing about him for a while and then decided to go home and as we were going the same way we stooped for a refreshments break and t warm up a bit. I had had a wonderful time but was so relived to get home in the warm. So much work goes into building a website especially  an actor with so many credits to his name and having had a hard time with a slightly nutty fan I was glad to finally get it recognised.

A week later I received a letter from Dom about the website and as you can see he was ‘astonished’ at the support the fans have given him. I intend to keep him updated with the website’s content and success.

For the rest of the photos click here Les Liaisons Dangereuses – Dominic West photos

Thanks to @Sophistication1 and @Tashster for their wonderful company and friendship.

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