Welcome to Treadaway Online. The first website on the internet supporting British actor twin brothers Luke & Harry Treadaway, most known for their roles in Penny Dreadful and Fortitude. The website will provide you with the most up to date news, projects, images and so much more on their careers and appearances.

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About the website

Treadawayfans.uk was created in July 2016 to help promote the work and skills online of talented twin brother actors Luke and Harry Treadaway.

Having spent the last few years watching them in various TV shows, movies and theatre (Penny Dreadful, Fortitude, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, Honeymoon) I felt they deserved to have a their own fan site supporting their careers and lives.

I was lucky enough to meet Harry last year at the London and film comic con 2015. He was absolutely lovely and we spent a little time chatting about Penny Dreadful. I am yet to meet Luke but I’m hoping it will only be a matter of time. I will tell them about the website and hopefully get their blessing for it.

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 This website was designed by myself but coded by my good friend Gemma at Gratrix Designs.

I am Sarah, a 39 year old British female living in the UK. You can contact me in the below ways:

Twitter: @sarztomo

Instagram: @sarztomo

Tumblr: http://visions-ofyou.tumblr.com/

Professional website: http://www.sarzthomas.uk

Personal blog: http://www.visionsofu.uk/

 Resources & Credit

I have used various resources to help create the gallery and website which are listed below.


Far Far Away

UK/IRE CelebsHQ Forum

Getty images



Luke Recent Projects

Character: Danny
Status: Airs 5 November on Channel 4

Character: Nick
Status: Previews from 22 February 2017

Character: Vincent Rattrey
Status: Series 2 airs on Sky Atlantic 26 January 2017

Ordeal by Innocence
Character: Calgary
Status: Post production

Harry Recent Projects

Mr. Mercedes
Character: Brady Hartsfield
Status: Aired in August 2017

Halo of Stars
Character: Chicci
Status: Released in 2017

Character: Victor Frankenstein
Status: Finale series broadcast June 2016

Character: Unknown
Status: Post production

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Site Stats
Site Name: Treadaway fans
Web Mistress: Sarah | email
Established: July 2014

Treadawayfans.uk 2014-2019. Treadawayfans.uk is an unofficial website dedicated to the English twin brother actors Luke & Harry Treadaway. This is a non profit website that is ran by a fan. All media content used belongs to their respective owners unless stated otherwise. If you see anything on the site that has been used and you want taken down, please contact me first. 

Treadawayfans.uk respects Luke & Harry's privacy and their day to day life. The only candid pictures posted are of those that are taken on the set of their projects providing they appear to be comfortable with it. Rumours or gossip will not be posted. The site is committed to publishing only news and images that are relative to their careers.