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I have added 10 high res untagged photos of Harry in ‘Ghosts’ to the gallery.


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December 17th, 2016   Posted by admin

The book A Street Cat Named Bob was a huge bestseller. Now it’s been made into a film starring Luke Treadaway. Will the tale of the old moggy make him a star?


Luke Treadaway is only a few minutes late, but he’s wide-eyed with remorse as he pulls up a chair in the west London café where we had arranged to meet, apologising as he explains that his early-morning audition overran. He has a full schedule today – so full that it appears he had to skip breakfast, going by the speed with which he demolishes his scrambled eggs on toast. As well as looking for his next job, he is busy promoting his new film in which, after 10 years playing in largely ensemble casts – from a posh comedy stoner in Attack the Block to a mythological cult leader in Clash of the Titans to a prisoner of war in the Coen brothers-scripted Second World War drama Unbroken – he not only tops the bill but appears in pretty much every scene.

A Street Cat Named Bob is an adaptation of James Bowen’s book about his time begging and busking on the streets of London with a charismatic ginger tom that refuses to leave his side. The book was a huge hit – spending 76 weeks at the top of the UK bestseller list. Treadaway plays James, a role that presented several new challenges for the actor. “Often if you’re playing a real person, they’ve been dead 50 years,” he says. “Not only was this about a real person and a real cat, but they were both there on set.” The first day’s filming for which James was present required Treadaway to re-enact his agonies in hospital after a heroin overdose. “As an actor you just hope you’ve done your homework and can do it justice.”

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Source: The Observer


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I have added 48 high res untagged photos of Luke to the gallery from the Q&A session for A streetcat named Bob.


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I have added 338 screencaps of Luke and Harry from their appearance in Movie ‘Brothers of the head’.

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Hello all and welcome to Treadawayfans.uk. My first post is brief but i promise there will be so much to come over the next year. Please feel free to browse around and let me know what you think?


I have already uploaded many images to the gallery and press interviews to the press archive. The media vault with videos clips will be up and running shortly. I will need staff to help me running the website so if you would like to support TF.UK please contact me here: HTreadawayfans@outlook.com. There is a little more work to be done to the web & domain pages but it all should be complete this week.

I must say a huge thank you to all the support i have had already for this site which i hope Luke 7 Harry themselves will one day endorse. I am dedicated to supporting the guys and there careers and was lucky enough to meet Harry last year at the London Film and Comic Con in London which just strengthened my admiration for one half of them.

You can follow us on twitter here.

I am accepting affiliates co-stars and others actors so please apply here: HTreadawayfans@outlook.com

There will be much more to come soon…

Sarah (webmiss) x

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