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Harry Treadaway is amongst the up-and-coming Brit boy pack that look set to storm blockbusters and theatre sell-outs in the next couple of years. Whilst a handful of them (namely the likes of Douglas Booth, Maz Irons, Sam Claflin and Freddy Fox) have recently been gathered together for The Riot Club, Harry has turning his attention to a psychological thriller.


He is best known for his cowboy role in the big-budget Lone Ranger, and for his portrayal of the young Dr. Frankenstein in hit TV series Penny Dreadful. His latest venture sees him star opposite Rose Leslie, the titian-haired beauty of Game of Thrones fame in new release Honeymoon.

The film brings us to a young couple, bright-eyed and still glowing from their wedding day, as they arrive at their modest honeymoon destination. Whilst the rickety log cabin screams horror movie stereotype, an endearing scene-setting of the love between the newlyweds sets this apart from any Blare-Witch-esque productions we might have had to sit through before.

Honeymoon is the movie baby of first-time director and co-writer Leigh Janiak, and her fresh eyes are evident in both the raw visuals and the sensitive dialogue between the young couple. Leigh ensures the audience grows attached to the characters and their relationship, before altering their situation irrevocably.

I spoke to Harry Treadaway ahead of the film’s release. His passion for the project is clear as he describes how he, Rose and Leigh prepared for filming. ‘We went into the history of our characters as a couple, we talked about their lives before the honeymoon, where they had lived, their first dates, where they worked, their favourite food. We made them real people with real lives. It makes what happens to them, and the movie as a whole more effecting. They’re a normal couple. We went over all the details of their history together so that when in the film, Rose’s character starts to change, the way my mine behaves is real.’

It’s that reality and grounded-ness that encapsulates the thriller. There is only one location, and for the majority of the time only two characters. To Harry this must have stood in stark contrast to the grandiose sets of Lone Ranger. He spent five weeks training for the role at ‘cowboy camp’, learning to ride and twirl pistols. ‘I was asked to play a cowboy’, Harry laughs ‘I’ve ticked that off, I couldn’t say no could I?’.


‘I relish working on all different scales’ Says Harry ‘For this movie it as all about the dynamic between two people. Working on  it was intense and refreshing at the same time. We were able to keep the momentum going throughout each scene. Rose is a great actress, seriously talented and I was lucky enough to be working with her.’

‘There were moments when it felt there was no world outside of that cottage. Everything was so highly charged, and when the scene finished you’d have to really step out of it and regroup. Yet together we’d continue to talk about what was happening in the film. We spoke so much about it. We had a very short timeframe, just four weeks, so we couldn’t afford to lose sight of what was happening in each scene too much. There were days when we would have to get through eight pages of dialogue, there was no way round it, we couldn’t lose our feel for it.’

Harry is typically modest about his role in Honeymoon, yet his affection for it is clear.  ’With humility I’d say that the film is something to celebrate. It’s not big budget, it doesn’t boast high scale effects, it brings a first-time director together with two kids from London’. That might be a slight understatement, but it is true that Honeymoon‘s minimalism is one if its big draws.


So what’s next for Mr Treadaway? Although his looks mark him as a Burberry poster boy in the making, it’s fair to say his passions don’t lie smack bang in the middle of the world of fashion. Nevertheless he has Topman campaigns under his belt and has been spied sitting alongside the likes of Tinie Tempah at Burberry Prorsum’s AW13 menswear show. I ask him whether he’s graced any front rows at fashion week this womenswear season, ‘When is fashion week again?’ he replies. That’s that answered then.

‘I would love to direct. I’ve already done a short and a music video. It’s something I’d love to look into.’ When I ask him what he’s listening to at the moment,  his enthusiasm is evident. ‘The amazing Johnny Lloyd, check him and his solo demos out. Arcade Fire’s new album is really floating my boat.’ There you go, music recs from the man himself.

And it’s all about home comforts for Harry this summer. ‘Right now I’ve just bought a new bed, mattress and a blind. I’m enjoying nesting at the moment. When I’m away I miss things like the Italian in Highgate – Fabrizio’s, and Hampstead Heath. I’m a Devon boy too, and that’s where my heart really lies, doing things like running through the fields and swimming in the river.’ Yep, it’s fair to say that sounds pretty wonderful right now.

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