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Luke Treadaway once spent an entire summer tied to his twin brother, Harry. In 2006, the twins starred in Brothers of the Head, a story of conjoined twin rock stars. “Me and my brother used to tie ourselves together all the time as kids, so we were used to it,” says the 27 year-old actor.

He insists there is no competition between the two, even when they audition for the same roles. 2011 saw Treadaway playing a middle class stoner stuck on a south London estate, in Joe Cornish’s Attack the Block, and a rock star again in You Instead. “I really like getting a part which is nothing at all like me; I like pretending to be someone else.”

Luke demonstrated this with his role as a corrupt soldier in The Whistleblower with Rachel Weisz last year, which uncovered the truth behind sex trafficking. He is soon to appear in Cheerful Weather for the Wedding, a costume drama with Felicity Jones and Mackenzie Crook, and the London-based gangster film, St George’s Day.

Source: Hungertv