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TAFF and students at a Devon school have sent messages of congratulations to award-winning former student Luke Treadaway.

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Luke, a former student of Queen Elizabeth’s in Crediton, walked off with the Best Actor title at the prestigious Olivier Awards this week.

The 28-year-old, who grew up in Sandford, has won rave reviews for his portrayal of an autistic teenager in the hit National Theatre production of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time.

But the signs were there from his early years. While at QE, he took leading roles in Macbeth and The Threepenny Opera among other productions, as well as playing for the school’s Devon Cup winning rugby team.

Luke and his slightly younger twin brother Harry, who is also an actor, were also big on the local music scene with their band Lizardsun regularly played at Exeter’s Cavern, supporting The Levellers and Toploader.

In the programme for The Curious Incident, Luke credits his former drama teacher at QE, Phil Gasson, as one of his major influences.

His former tutor, maths teacher John Wright, said: “He’s not lost his roots. He was always up for doing stuff. He was and still is hard-working, courteous and generous-spirited.”

This is not Luke’s first success. He was also the original Albert in the National Theatre’s hugely successful production of War Horse and starred alongside his brother Harry as conjoined twins in Brothers of the Head. Meanwhile Harry has been filming The Lone Ranger, the new Johnny Depp film slated for release this August.

Head of expressive arts at QE, Tracey Landles, said: “From the start we knew he had the potential to do well. He and his brother were always driven and highly motivated.

“They are an inspiration to other students at the Queen Elizabeth’s.”

Two weeks ago a group of students from QE went to London to see the play.

Luke took time out between performances to meet them at the stage door and then took them on a behind the scenes tour of the hi-tech set.

Sixth form student Chloe Payne-Cook, student was delighted to see the play. She said. “And it was an amazing portrayal of autism by Luke.”

Source: Express and Echo