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The new thriller series has been created by the writers of cult hits The Missing and Liar.

EVERYBODY loves a thriller – and now the BBC have recruited the team behind The Missing and Liar for their latest show, Rellik

So what is Rellik about? Who’s in it and when is it on air?

Here’s everything you need to know…

What is Rellik about?

Rellik – killer spelled backwards – tells the story of a serial killed in reverse.

Starting from when the killer is caught, the thriller will go backwards in time to the very beginning of his killing spree.

Gabriel Markham – a disfigured detective – is propelled in an obsessive hunt for the serial killer who literally left a mark on him both physically and mentally.

Elaine, Gabriel’s partner, is drawn into the investigation after being bright but eager to please.

The search for the killer provides the backbone of the story.

Harry and Jack Williams, the writers and producers of the show, said: “We are really pleased to be working with the BBC again and to be partnering with Cinemax for the first time.

“Rellik is a dark thriller tonally very different to anything we’ve done before and we’re looking forward to bringing it to the screen.

ho has joined the cast of Rellik?

Richard Dormer (Gabriel Markham)

Richard Dormer will be taking on the role of leading man in the new series.

He is most known for his role in Game of Thrones as Lord Beric Dondarrion, but has also been part of the cast on SkyOne’s Fortitude.

The 47-year-old has previously starred alongside Daniel Radcliffe in TV movie My Boy Jack, as well as films including Mrs Henderson Presents and The Escapist.

Jodi Balfour (Elaine)

Jodi is a South African actress who has previously been part of the case in TV series’ Bomb Girls, Quarry and The Best Laid Plans.

This film could potentially be her breakout role as she becomes the quirky and hard-working Elaine.

Rosalind Eleazar (Christine)

Most recently, Rosalind has stared alongside Robbie Coltrane and Julie Walters in the hard-hitting drama, National Treasure.

The story followed a fictional story of a famous TV star being accused of rape – and was loosely based on the Jimmy Saville and Rolf Harris scandals.

She is also set to star in an upcoming Hulu series, Harlots – which depicts life inside a brothel in 18th century London.

When can I watch Rellik on the BBC?

A date for the series is yet to be announced – but filming was announced as commencing from March 17 onwards.

The show will run for six hour-long episodes.

Any missed episodes will be available on demand on BBC iPlayer shortly after the episode airs on TV.

Source: The Sun

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No official word yet as to whether Sky Atlantic will return to the cursed town of Fortitude after season two – but the signs are promising for fans of the Arctic chiller…


Sky Atlantic’s Arctic chiller Fortitude could be back for a third run, with series creator Simon Donald said to be considering “new and intriguing storylines” for the eponymous Norwegian town.

Season two only began airing on 26th January but with the entire 10-part run immediately made available on demand, many viewers have been ploughing through the gory, gripping mystery and are already asking whether there will be more to come.

The enigmatic ending certainly leaves the door open for a return and while Sky are yet to make an announcement either way, a source has revealed that Donald is making plans to continue the story.

“Simon is currently exploring new and intriguing storylines for future trips to Fortitude,” the source told RadioTimes.com.

Just what those storylines might entail is impossible to predict, but we’ve already had deadly prehistoric wasps, infant cannibalism and a murderous shaman, so they’re likely to be shocking, surreal and probably quite bloody.

It’s also likely that a new series would attract some heavyweight acting talent – series one boasted stars including Michael Gambon, Christopher Eccleston and Stanley Tucci, while the latest run has brought in Dennis Quaid and Parminder Nagra, alongside returning stars Sofie Grabol, Richard Dormer and Luke Treadaway.

Fans shouldn’t hold their breath, though. If Sky does decide to recommission Fortitude, there’s likely to be something of a wait – there was a gap of two years between the first and second series.

Source: Radio Times

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I have added some promotional stills to the gallery.


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Click on the image above to read the full size interview.

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 I have added 10 high res photos of Richard attending the MIPCOM Day Two in Cannes – Fortitude Series 2 photocall to the galley.

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Richard guest starred in a recent episode of The Musketeers called ‘Brother in Arms’. I have added 123 screencaps to the gallery.


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It’s fantastic to see Beric make another appearance in Game of Thrones this season. Uploaded 56 screencaps of Richard from this appearance and 3 episode stills.

Game of Thrones Episode ‘No One’ screencaps
Game of Thrones episode stills

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