Game of thrones star plays a murder investigation in a new pivot series, set in the far north, that also features Christopher Eccleston.

On ‘Game of Thrones,” Richard Dormer played Lord Beric, a character who was killed and resurrected a half dozen times. Still, Dormer says he’s never played a character as “complicated” as Dan Anderssen, sheriff of Fortitude. “Fortitude,” set in an isolated far northern town of the same name, premieres at 10 p.m. Thursday on Pivot.

It also stars Christopher Eccleston, Michael Gambon and Stanley Tucci, whose Inspector Eugene Morton comes to town to help Anderssen investigate a murder. They don’t quite trust each other, and Morton doesn’t trust Fortitude, which has some Twin Peaks lurking in its DNA. “Dan is a by-the-book guy and Morton is not,” Dormer explains.

“Dan thinks he’s cruel. Dan’s also a very good sheriff. He knows the people, he works with them. But don’t cross him, either, because he has a lot of anger. He can be as ferocious as a polar bear.”
What makes Anderssen so interesting to play, says Dormer, is what’s not on the surface. “We never see him at his house,” Dormer notes.

“We never see him out of uniform. We don’t know where he goes when his work day ends. “He goes from A to Z to W to D to T. I’ve never had a character so hard to get a handle on.” The 45-year-old Dormer acknowledges that between “Fortitude” and “Thrones,” the role for which he is most recognized on the street, he has developed a cold-weather screen persona.

“I could live in a community like Fortitude,” he says, though for the present he and his wife, theater director Rachel O’Riordan, live in Belfast. “Fortitude is like the world in microcosm. It’s like watching America or Russia, only you’re isolated. Once you’re inside, you can’t escape.”

29 January 2015

Source: The New York Daily News

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