He’s had his arm chopped off in Game Of Thrones, brought punk to Belfast in Good Vibrations and swung his snooker cue as Alex Higgins.

And while he may be a familiar face in Northern Ireland, Lisburn actor Richard Dormer has now taken centre stage in a major new edge-of-your-seat thriller that debuted last night on both sides of the Atlantic.

Dormer plays grim-faced policeman Dan Anderssen in Fortitude, which co-stars a host of heavy hitters. They include Academy Award-nominated Stanley Tucci, former Doctor Who Christopher Ecclestone and Singing Detective Michael Gambon, alongside Danish actress Sofie Grabol, star of The Killing.
Set in fictional Fortitude – an isolated mining town in the Arctic Circle – Dormer plays enigmatic local sheriff Anderssen. Crime there is virtually non-existent, so when a research scientist’s torn-up body turns up, RADA graduate Dormer’s investigator is thrust to the forefront of events in the freezing Norwegian settlement.

At a cool £25m, the 12-part Sky Atlantic and US Pivot channel co-production is the most expensive British series ever.

While the coldness of Dormer’s Anderssen may be the polar opposite of the warmth exuded by fun-loving Terri Hooley in Good Vibrations, both characters show that Dormer has the screen presence to carry off leading roles in major productions. With TV critics raising hopes that Fortitude could quickly acquire cult status or be the British answer to the ‘Nordic Noir’ that Grabol herself popularised, it looks like Dormer’s day has arrived.

“I thought, bring it on. I’m ready for this. It’s taken me a while but I’m ready for it. I think doing Good Vibrations made me aware of what I was capable of, to carry a big character like that, you know,” he told Culture Northern Ireland.


Source: Belfast Telegraph

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