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December 12th, 2015 Game of Thrones, Good Vibrations admin

There aren’t many people left out there who have never sat down and watched Game of Thrones, but Northern Irish actor Richard who plays Beric Dondarrion in the hit TV series, just so happens to be one of them. Speaking exclusively to the talented actor known primarily for his starring role in the magnificent biographical drama Good Vibrations, and for playing Dan Anderssen in Fortitude he explained why he’s chosen

December 12th, 2015 Good Vibrations, Hyena admin

The Belfast of Good Vibrations is long gone, says the film’s star, Richard Dormer. And, he adds, long may it stay that way. With his turns as Beric Dondarrion in Game of Thrones and Terri Hooley in the movie Good Vibrations, Richard Dormer seems to have carved a small niche playing one-eyed men. And there’s something vaguely appropriate about that: for decades, his native Northern Ireland was torn asunder by

December 12th, 2015 Game of Thrones, Good Vibrations admin
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