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Ok, this is one for me… @nationaltheatre has run like a thread through my entire career. I first worked there as a student, tearing tickets and working in the bar with @jess_r_sykes and #christophereccleston where I saw #antonyhopkins play in Pravda and realised you were allowed to do anything on that stage. I first acted there desperately trying to get noticed with #markstrong and my brother #hakeemkaekazim, touring the world with #ianmckellen and #briancox. It’s seen baby’s being born and marriages ending, its where I met new girlfriends and made life-long mates. Where I first worked with everyone from #PeterGill to #PeterBrook, from workshops and play-readings at the studio to taking bows in the middle on the Lyttleton stage. For over 30 years I’ve had the honour and privilege to be able to call myself a National Theatre actor which I think is the greatest honour this country can bestow on one of us in this ridiculous business. #CarrieCracknell gave me this part and I am eternally indebted to her. An old friend with whom I’d begun the journey at #nationalyouththeatre when we were kids came to see this show. We sat in the bar afterwards and after a bit of quiet he turned and said “When I first saw you here you were carrying spears and now you’re playing leads on the main stage…” It was a genuine moment. It’s been an incredible journey. I’m very grateful to everyone in that building who’s put up with me over the years, from Linda on the stage door to all the tech staff, wigs, wardrobe, sound and casting people who’ve kept giving me chances and to the endless directors who have tried to help me be better when all I’ve done quite often is get in all our way…I love the National and I love being part of it. Hope you enjoy our show Px

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#tbt to working with #fernandocolomo on #elefectomariposa. This was an odd movie based on the break up of my marriage where I’m actually playing myself. In the movie, they rebuilt the interior of our old flat in Camberwell, including an exact copy of a cassette tape rack I’d knocked up one afternoon. This movie had the dubious honour of being the highest grossing film of the year in Spain and the lowest in the UK. We’re all friends now, btw…

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So a week ago ( seems like two lifetimes..) we were exhausted after spending a week shooting something truly beautiful and amazing when Covid put us on hiatus and we had to leave our sisters and brothers in film in the beautiful Republic of South Africa. Today they go into lockdown for three weeks. So we send all love and strength to Thabani, Nkolo, Tash, Alex, Ayten, Alex, Barry, Kate, Wendy, TC, Peter and all our amazing cast and crew in this weird hour for all of us. This too shall pass. See you soon xx

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Today we launch our Sullivan Army Tumblr page to support Pete. Not sure how many of you are familiar with tumblr but so please join us there if you can. I will follow everyone who follows the page. Lots of photos, gifs, videos clips & more.


Please welcome the launch of our third Sullivan Army logo: Sforza Army.

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