Welcome to Macfadders. A website supporting the career of Matthew Macfadyen. A wonderful British actor most known for his roles in Spooks, Pride and Prejudice and Ripper Street. The website will provide you with the most up to date news, projects, images and so much more on Matthew’s career and appearances. Follow us on twitter @macfadders. Many thanks, Sarz.

I am Sarah, a 41 year old British female living in the UK

Matthewmacfadyenfan.uk was created in August 2017 with the aim to support and promote the career of the wonderful actor Matthew Macfadyen.

Matthew Macfadyen has been a huge part of life since the days of ‘Spooks’ days and has it long been my wish to create a tribute to him which both is a support to his wonderful career but also to provide every fan with all the latest news and appearances.

I finally got round to putting the website together this year. For me this is the best way to thank Matthew for all the years of enjoyment he has given me. Making me laugh, cry and feel every emotion possible. I couldn’t be prouder of what he has achieved.

I feel very lucky to be part of this fandom and appreciate the support and work that other fan sites have provided over the years. I have been very careful to use images, Interviews etc from original sources and my own collection and not to take from others. This is my tribute that I hope Matthew and his fans can get behind and appreciate.

Sarah x

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Professional website: http://www.sarzthomas.uk
Personal blog: http://www.visionsofu.uk/

Recent projects

Character: Mr. Stahlbaum
Status: Released November 2018

Character: Tom
Status: Series 2 broadcast on Sky Atlantic

Character: Henry Wilcox
Status: Currently available on DVD

Character: J.P Morgan
Status: Released Jan 2018 (UK)/Dec (USA)

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Site Name: Macfadders
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Site privacy policy: Macfadders is an unofficial website dedicated to Matthew Macfadyen. This is a non profit website that is ran by a fan to support Matthew’s career. All media content used belongs to their respective owners unless stated otherwise. If you see anything on the site that has been used and you want taken down, please contact me first.

Macfadders respects Matthew’s privacy and his day to day life. Pictures of him whilst not working are not posted on this site. The only candid pictures posted are of those that are taken on the set of his projects providing he appears to be comfortable with it. Any personal information that has been made public can not be found here along with rumours or gossip of any kind. The site is committed to publishing only news and images that are relative to his career.

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