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admin / August 6th, 2018   Succession

A drama about a dysfunctional American dynasty has allowed the actor to ditch the charm — and he’s loving every minute of it.

Squabbling New York squillionaires populate Succession, a new, satirical family saga created for HBO by Jesse Armstrong, the co-writer of political hits The Thick of It and Veep.

The show’s big daddy is Logan Roy (Brian Cox), a “pal to prime ministers, a truth-teller to presidents” of Scottish descent and the ruthless octogenarian head of Waystar-Royco, a self-made family global media and entertainment conglomerate. As Logan’s health falters along with his company’s fortunes, his power-hungry children compete, fang and claw, to succeed him.

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Source: The Times

admin / June 1st, 2018   Howards End

admin / June 1st, 2018   Howards End

admin / May 25th, 2018   Howards End

admin / May 22nd, 2018   Succession,Video Interview

admin / February 10th, 2018   Uncategorized

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admin / November 26th, 2017   Howards End

I have added nearly 500 screencaps from episode 2 of Howards End to the gallery.


Click here to view them in the gallery.

admin / November 21st, 2017   Howards End

I have uploaded 14 HQ stills from episode 3 of Howards End and some behind the scenes stills.


Click here to view them

Thanks to far far site or all the episode the stills


admin / November 13th, 2017   Howards End

After watching a truly superb first episode I have added nearly 70 screencaps from episode 1 of Howards End to the gallery.


Click here to view them in the gallery.

admin / November 12th, 2017   Howards End

I have added 2 gorgeous promotional stills to the gallery of Matthew in costume from Howards End.

Click here to view the larger images

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