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admin / November 26th, 2017   Howards End

I have added nearly 500 screencaps from episode 2 of Howards End to the gallery.


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admin / November 21st, 2017   Howards End

I have uploaded 14 HQ stills from episode 3 of Howards End and some behind the scenes stills.


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Thanks to far far site or all the episode the stills


admin / November 13th, 2017   Howards End

After watching a truly superb first episode I have added nearly 70 screencaps from episode 1 of Howards End to the gallery.


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admin / November 12th, 2017   Howards End

I have added 2 gorgeous promotional stills to the gallery of Matthew in costume from Howards End.

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admin / November 7th, 2017   Howards End

Matthew has done a number of interviews to promote Howards End starting on BBC1 on Sunday 12th November.

Radio Times

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TV Guide

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 TV Times & TV & Satellite

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Click here to see the full TV & Satellite interview


admin / November 4th, 2017   Howards End

There is a fantastic big interview with Matthew in today’s Daily Telegraph.


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admin / October 27th, 2017   Howards End

Fantastic news is that Howards End will start on 12 November on BBC one in the UK.

You can view the larger image in the gallery here.

admin / October 26th, 2017   Howards End

Exciting news is that Howards End will be airing next month which most of you already know but the Radio Times this week has a feature about it and a wonderful picture of Matthew.

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admin / March 17th, 2017   Howards End

Over the past week, they’ve been busy getting into character for their latest – and highly anticipated – project, which transports them back to Edwardian London.

And on Thursday, things appeared to be going swimmingly for Hayley Atwell and Matthew MacFadyen as they shot scenes along London’s River Thames for the glamorous BBC adaptation of E.M. Forster’s 1910 novel Howards End.

Hayley, 34, was appropriately dressed the era, stepping before cameras in a full-length brown coat, teamed with a red patterned scarf and flowing blue skirt. With a black velvet hat resting atop her chestnut brown tresses, the actress got into character as she filmed with Matthew, who cut a dapper figure in a top hat and black waistcoat under a midnight blue coat.

Read the rest at the link below

Source: Daily Mail

Recent projects

Character: Henry Wilcox
Status: Airs 12 November at 9pm on BBC1

Character: J.P Morgan
Status: Released Jan 2018 (UK)/Dec (USA)

Character: Tom
Status: Currently filming

Character: Mr. Stahlbaum
Status: Post Production – 2018

Character: Inspector Edmund Reid
Status: Finale Series 5- Broadcast June 2017

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