Welcome to The Willmott Browns, a website supporting the wonderful and talented actors William Boyde (James Willmott Brown), Eddie Eyre (Josh Hemmings), Lisa Faulkner (Fi Browning)and Adam Astill (Luke Browning), that are most known for playing the Willmott Brown family in the British TV Soap Eastenders. The Website aims to support these amazing people in every way possible and will provide you with the most up to date news, projects and images on their careers and appearances. Follow us on Twitter @willmottbrowns. Many thanks, Sarz.


Having watched Eastenders on and off since it started in 1986 I remember the harrowing scenes which saw James Willmott-Brown attack Kathy Beale and the reaction to it from the public. I had really liked the Willmott Brown character and was sad to see William Boyde (the actor who plays him) leave the show. I followed his career for a number of years after Eastenders but he seemed to disappear from our screens after 2001 when he appeared in a sitcom ‘Orrible so I was absolutely delighted to discover last year that he was back in Eastenders even if it was only for  short time. William is such an incredible actor so it was a stroke of genius bringing him back into the show. His episodes were so gripping and when the show revealed Fi, Luke and Josh as his family I thought it was going to be the start of some amazing storylines for the show.

They were all amazing in show and were the sole reason for me watching Eastenders again. My only disappointment is that they were written out too soon when so many of us felt they had so much more to give and so many potential storylines to explore. I felt all actors especially William deserved better than the rushed ending he got.

I decided to put the fansite together to support all the actors that played the WB family to say thank you to them for the enjoyment they have given me during their time on the show. It has been amazing getting to know their characters and them as people.

The website is an archive of their previous work and will support everything these talented and wonderful actors do in the future.

Sarah x


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Thank you to William Boyde, Eddie Eyre, Lisa Faulkner and Adam Astill for being so brilliant and giving me the inspiration to create this site in support of them.

Thank you to Gemma for coding this site.

Recent Projects: WILLIAM BOYDE

EASTENDERS as James Willmott-Brown
September – December 2017 BBC1

Recent Projects: EDDIE EYRE

THE ATHENA as Casper Conway
Currently filming 2018
THE COUNTRY WIFE as Harry Horner
Southwark Playhouse: 28 March-22 April 2018

EASTENDERS as Josh Hemmings
March 1017 –  February 2018 BBC1

Recent Projects: LISA FAULKNER

EASTENDERS as Fi Browning
April – December 2017 BBC1
Recipes from a family kitchen – 2017
Purchase a copy here

Recent Projects: ADAM ASTILL

BREXIT as Paul Connell
Kings Head theatre Oct-Nov 2018.

THREE ACTS as Angus McFadden
Movie completed 2017. No release date

KILL BEN LYK as Officer Hawkins
Movie in post production 2018. No release date

EASTENDERS as Luke Browning
May – December 2017 BBC1

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16th September 2018

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