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As we have such a huge influx of new members here and on our social media platforms and having received so many questions about us I thought it would be useful to provide the newbies and everyone with a Frequently Answered Questions page with some information about the group etc.

I created the SJA facebook group on 1 June 2014 and the SJA twitter account in February 2015. For the first year we only had a small but close group of members from all over the globe. @Iainglenfans Loveiain (Connie) is my deputy admin for the group. Since then it has grown to form a large, fun, friendly and fantastic group. There are many GOT groups around for banter and chatter (often very heated) but we are far more than that. We are family. We all care and look out for each other in good times and bad and of course to chatter about Iain and support him in all his current and future projects. That is what I am most proud of.

We aim to keep the group free of argument and full of support and respect for each other and of course support and love for Iain.

I also created a website on Iain back in 2009 on Iain’s birthday 24 June. has since been visited over 210,000 times since its creation.

Although I had seen Iain a number of times before Game of Thrones started in various theatre plays it was only in the summer of 2014 at a charity cricket match in Buckinghamshire, UK that I met him properly. You can read about the day here.

As I was the first person to arrive on the day I was able to speak to Iain on his own for about 10 minutes basically long enough to tell him about the website I was running on him and give him a letter telling him all about it and me. Being the lovely human that Iain is he was super lovely about it happily posing for photos etc.

 I had a wonderful letter back from Iain a couple of weeks later and from then on I have built a wonderful relationship with him over the years. He fully supports and embraces the website, the SJA group and all we do. We exchange letters a few times a year and he has given us an exclusive little interview for the group and site. I think my highlight in these last few years was meeting Iain and some of SJA members at the London & Film Comic Con in 2015.

Iain does have an official website (see links below) but does NOT use any social media platform even though there are a number of accounts on twitter and facebook, insta like @IainGlenActor that claim they are official. THEY ARE NOT. Don’t be fooled. I was!

We have some amazing artists in the group and there many other facebook, tumblr and twitter pages etc that are worthy of visiting and following.Below are some useful links for you to browse to. Some detailed accounts of me meeting Iain.

Iain’s Official website –

SJA’s Iain Glen website –

SJA’s Iain Glen website Gallery – (You will need to register to see the images)

SJA’s Twitter page – @serjorahsarmy

SJA’s Forum – (You will need to register to view a lot of the posts)

Connie’s Twitter and Tumblr pages – @favors757 |

Meeting Iain fan encounters: Meeting Iain at Words and Wickets 2014 (with photos) Meeting Iain at LFCC 2015 (with photos) Meeting at the Grenfell Tower Charity Football Match (with photos and video)

I’m working on a post for meeting Iain a few weeks back at the London and film comic con 2019.

Our first fanbook for Iain video in 2015

Read the fanbook here:  FAN BOOK 2015

Iain’s exclusive interview with SJA:

Kate Carlton’s Art store page – (Many Jorah designs here), @KeelHaulKate on twitter

Other great Iain (SJA members) twitter pages: my page – @Sarztomo  @IainGlenFan ‏@SerJorahIsLove  @CatherineRabus4 ‏ @ReginaZschoke  @ErdbeerRei @sonjalucianfor @JuliaFernbau  ‏@dabogermany


If you would like to write to Iain. Send a stamped addressed envelope along with your letter and photo to be signed to the following address.

Iain Glen

Independent Talent Group Ltd
40 Whitfield Street
London, W1T 2RH
United Kingdom

Contact me at:

Iain’s letter to SJA – 2019 Exclusive Q&A
Recent Projects

Character: Philip
Status: Post Production

Character: Batman
Status: Casting just announced

Character: Unknown
Status: filming

Character: Unknown
Status: Filmed

Character: Colin

Character: Jorah Mormont
Status: Broadcast Apr-May 2019 on Sky Atlantic.

Character: Alec Wilson
Status: Available on DVD (UK),

Character: Leo Vincent
Status: Series 3 available on DVD

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