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Jul 5, 2019
Success of Game of Thrones took Edinburgh star Iain Glen by surprise

AS a child growing up in Edinburgh, the last thing Game of Thrones’ star Iain Glen wanted to be was an actor.

As we chat ahead of the release of his latest film, The Flood, he admits, “I don’t think I really knew that actors existed or what they did until I went to university.” It was at Aberdeen University that he “just fell into” the world of drama. I didn’t have any notion that I wanted be an actor until a couple of my contemporaries at university who were involved in the drama society, encouraged me to give it a go,” he recalls. Indeed, when Iain first applied to university, it was to study computer programming.

“The second time, I just studied English, which was wonderfully vague in it’s intention,” he laughs. As a kid in the Capital, Iain reflects that performing was an alien world to his brother Hamish, now a respected theatre director, and himself. “We began life in the Salisbury/Arthur’s Seat area,” he remembers, “then we moved to the Church Hill area in my mid-childhood.

Arthur’s Seat was a bit of a playground for me, but it became more of one when the Commonwealth Pool landed. We always used to go there. “I remember the grand opening and how exciting that was and, in the early days, any fool could jump off the high board, so I used to like doing that.” Laughing, he adds, “Yes, diving off the top board at the risk of crippling myself was a great pleasure.”

With no ‘showbiz’ in the family, his road to the stage took a bit long than most. I’m probably forgetting to mention someone, but I think Hamish and I were probably kind of left-field and a worry at the time for our parents.

“My father worked for an Investment Trust, he began at a low level, stayed with them for many decades, and ended up at the top of the Scottish Investment Trust. “My mother was an occupational therapist but gave up work to look after us boys. So there was no great drama or showbiz in the family. “It was definitely an usual step to take.

“However, when I was doing my first play at university – Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, playing a relatively unimportant part – a couple of people, particularly a girl I really fancied, said, ‘I really believed you. You were good.’ That was all the encouragement I needed. “I wanted to improve at it and suddenly, that whole world just opened up.

Then I was very lucky to go on and get into the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA), an affirmation that it might be something worth pursuing.” That his passion for what he does remains to this day is evident as we turn our attention to The Flood, which is released on 21 June.

Described by Human Rights Watch as “an accurate portrayal of the refugee crisis,” The Flood is set in France and the UK and follows a hardened immigration officer who must uncover if a high-profile asylum seeker is lying and has a more sinister reason for wanting to come to the UK.

“It’s really is a very timely film,” says Iain, adding, “but we made it more than a year ago. “It’s a worry that it is the sort of film that is hard to get distribution for because, as feature films go, it doesn’t have ‘commercial’ written all over it.” It’s a film that Iain says he is particularly “proud to be a part of”, explaining, “It’s a very incisive and informative look at refugees and the difficulties they have to overcome to gain legal entry to the UK. “It walks a very fine line to try and show everyone’s point of view and in doing that, looks at how over-taxed the Immigration Service is, meaning the odds are stacked against people who come with a legal claim.

He continues, “It’s a very human story and fair-minded look at the whole subject. “It’s just not something that is easy to get up and running and funded, so I’ve got great admiration for the makers and their commitment.” It’s a very different movie to the one that opened Iain’s eyes to the potential the world of cinema held for him. In 1990 he played Hamlet in Tom Stoppard’s comedy drama Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead.

“It was filmed in the former Yugoslavia and Tom Stoppard remains a good friend,” he says. “I had recently played Hamlet on stage at the Bristol Old Vic and I think he was aware of that, so got me to play the role on film. “It was great fun. There was Gary Oldman, Tim Roth and myself and we had a ball doing it. “It was early on in my career and introduced to the wonders of film; they take you away to all these places you wouldn’t necessarily go on holiday.

“That was when the draw of films started to dawn on me; I saw the possibilities outside of the stage, which was what I knew more of up to that point.” Iain has since wracked up an impressive CV, Downton Abbey, Resident Evil: Extinction, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and Doctor Who just some of a long list of credits. Despite his travels, however, Edinburgh remains home, even though he has now lived in London longer than he ever did here.

“I have so many fond memories, it must have been that my formative years were spent in Edinburgh. “I’ve lived in London since going to RADA in my very early 20s, yet still feel I know Edinburgh better. “My parents are still there and in my mind I always imagined I get back, but I ended up marrying an English lady and, with the children, we are very grounded where we are.

“But we do come up three of four times a year to see my parents and I can get about in Edinburgh in a way I never could in London – we even get back on the buses in Edinburgh – and my children love coming to Edinburgh too.”

With a smile he adds, “…and one of their favourite haunts is the Commonwealth pool.”

The Flood is in UK cinemas and on demand from 21 June

Source: Edinburgh News

Game of Thrones Final season - Jorah Mormont - The Flood

Jun 18, 2019
Game of Thrones Scot says Tory shambles makes hit show look like tea party

Iain Glen thinks Boris Jonson and co need to stop ‘disappearing up their own rears’ and deal with bigger issues like the refugee crisis.

As Boris Johnson and his Tory cronies play their own version of Game of Thrones, one of the show’s stars has challenged them to stop “disappearing up their own rears” and start dealing with bigger issues like the refugee crisis.

Edinburgh actor Iain Glen, 57, spent a decade being part of the political manoeuvrings in GoT. And he is as sick as the rest of us of watching the Tories going through their own bloodless version of the hit TV show.

From Friday, he and fellow Thrones star Lena Headey, who played Queen Cersei, star in The Flood. Human Rights Watch have described the film as an “accurate portrayal of the refugee crisis”.

Iain, who played Ser Jorah Mormont in all eight series of GoT, hopes the new film will make people realise there’s more to politics that Brexit.

He said: “I’m not massively political but I’m overwhelmed at the incompetence of the current politics in Westminster. It’s breathtaking.

“I am so f****** disinterested at the Tory party trying to sort themselves out and work out who is going to lead them.

“The current crop look so completely incompetent I wouldn’t wish any of them on any of us.

“Then, look at the Labour Party. For God’s sake, just tell us what you think. No one knows. I’m so ­disinterested in British politics and so disinterested in how utterly insular we have become.

“I’m for any film that tries to say, ‘Guys, there are bigger things going on here. There are things you really could be ­properly engaged with if you stopped ­disappearing up your own rears.’Scot Richard Madden admits feeling ‘broken’ and considered quitting acting.

“The Flood is a very important subject that’s been buried by how insular UK politics has become.”

Released in cinemas a day after World Refuge Day, The Flood features Lena, who is also executive producer on the film, as an immigration officer.

Iain plays her boss and Humans star Ivanno Jeremiah has the role of Haile, who makes a perilous 3100-mile journey to the Calais Jungle, only to be caught getting into the UK illegally in a lorry.

While The Flood may not have the global reach of GoT, it has a global message and Iain hopes it can do its bit in changing a system that is out-dated and cruel.

He added: “It’s a very human drama and gives the outsider an insight into what people have to go through, from the traumatic lives they are trying to escape from and then the cold bureaucracy of the UK process.

“It’s so hard for us who have always enjoyed a relative quality of life to get our heads round what it must be like to need to flee your homeland.

“I would love to have a system in place which more efficiently and humanely targets those people who need to find safety in a new country and for us to be able to offer that.”

Iain teamed up with Lena to make The Flood before shooting the final series eight of GoT.

Their characters only had one big scene together on Thrones – when all the parties came together to see the White Walker.

But the pair became friends after bumping into each other in the Irish base camp or in the hotels the cast were put up in.

While we are used to Iain in Jorah’s infamous tattered yellow shirt, he’s in a shirt and tie for The Flood.

“It’s actually very unlike me,” he laughed, “I don’t like wearing ties.”

You can’t have a chat with Iain without talking about Thrones. While he was already a well-kent face, starring in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and the Resident Evil franchise as baddie Dr Isaacs, Iain knows GoT has solidified his success on a global stage.

Thrones didn’t finish on the high many hoped it would. You could argue that the fourth episode of series eight, The Long Night, which saw Jorah protect his beloved Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) from the dead was the high watermark of the series.

The final two episodes weren’t as well received, with a petition even being launched calling for series eight to be remade.

Iain shrugged: “Globally, I thought the petition was quite small compared with the amount of people who watched it.

“I’m pretty critical and I had no problems with it. I thought there was some exceptional moments in the last series. But I think people felt they owned the show and decided what the ending would be and where the story went and how the characters should have behaved.

“It’s indicative of how much people felt it belonged to them and how much they cared for it. You can’t please everyone all the time.”

After the series finished, GoT writer Dave Hill said Jorah, protector and friend to Daenerys, the Mother of Dragons, was originally meant to head back north at the end, alongside Jon Snow (Kit Harington).

But it would have been too complicated and in the end, Jorah got the noble death he had craved, defending the woman he loved.

Iain said: “ I thought I was given the perfect ending. I was very happy.”

The funeral scene was also a huge fan favourite, especially when Daenerys whispered to a dead Jorah.

The actors are the only ones who know what was said – and they will never reveal it.

The pair became very close during filming because of the amount of scenes they had together, but also when Emilia survived two brain aneurysms in 2011 after the first series of Thrones.

“She was so strong,” Iain said. “She had real scares but she’s an amazing lady. We are still very close.”

With three decades of work under his belt, Iain isn’t moping about the loss of Thrones.

While he felt “very bereft” as he walked away from the set, he has just carried on an already stellar career.

There is GoT memorabilia around the London home he shares with wife Charlotte and daughters Mary and Juliet.

Iain chuckled: “I have some action figures who occupy unusual roles in my house. One is guarding the ­downstairs toilet, pointing his sword at the toilet roll.”

He has lived in London since his time at drama college but visits Edinburgh three or four times a year to see his elderly parents.

And his kids are definitely Scottish.

“My wife is English but I keep calling the kids ‘utterly Scottish’, much to her upset.

“I often speak to them in broad Scottish and they have to work out what I’m saying, like, ‘Dinnae fash yersel’.”

Source: Daily Record

The Flood

May 22, 2019
First images of Iain in movie The Flood

The first images and trailer have been released of Iain and Lena Headey (Game of Thrones, Cersei) both starring in the Movie The Flood released in UK cinemas on 21st June.

See the rest here in the gallery here


Movies - The Flood

May 29, 2017
‘The Flood’ Movie still

A new image of Iain in the movie ‘The Flood’ starring alongside Lena Headey to the gallery.

The Flood movie stills

The Flood

Apr 16, 2017
‘Game Of Thrones’, ‘Humans’ stars join Lena Headey in ‘The Flood’

EXCLUSIVE: Ivanno Jeremiah and Iain Glen join immigration drama.


 Humans star Ivanno Jeremiah and Game of Thrones actor Iain Glen will join Lena Headey in UK immigration drama The Flood.

Headey, who will also serve as executive producer, will play an immigration officer who must decide the fate of a seemingly dangerous asylum seeker, played by upcoming actor Jeremiah.

Click here to read the rest in the Press Archive.

The Flood

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