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First images of Iain in movie The Flood

The first images and trailer have been released of Iain and Lena Headey (Game of Thrones, Cersei) both starring in the Movie The Flood released in UK cinemas on 21st June.

See the rest here in the gallery here


Posted by admin on May 22nd, 2019

The Flood Movie Trailer

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Iain will play Bruce Wayne in Titans, Batman


Game of Thrones fans, are you ready for the season 8 premiere this weekend? I know I am. But while we count down the hours, let’s take a moment to appreciate what the cast is doing with their post-GoT lives.

According to a Deadline, Iain Glen, aka Ser Jorah Mormont will be taking on a new role, one that you may have never seen coming: Bruce Wayne. That’s right, our dear Jorah is going to be Batman…well, sort of, depending on when the next season of the DC Universe show Titans is set. It’s also possible he’ll play an older, retired version of the character. But hey, it doesn’t change the fact that Jorah is Batman. And he’ll be back on our screens fairly quickly following the end of Game of Thrones. Everybody wins!

Speaking of Game of Thrones alumni playing superheroes, are you ready to see Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) take the lead in the next X-Men movie? Check out the new trailer for Dark Phoenix below, and see our girl Sophie do her evil thing while I wipe away proud tears of joy.

Source: Winter is coming

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Iain Glen & Holliday Grainger My Cousin Rachel Interview


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My Cousin Rachel premier date

My Cousin Rachel movie’s UK release date is Wednesday June 7th 2017 and 14 July in the USA.

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My cousin Rachel Official trailer

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‘My Cousin Rachel’ first trailer video & screencaps


I have added some screencaps to the gallery here from the trailer.


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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter | Iain Glen (Dr.Isaacs) – Featurrette

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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Iain Glen Interview

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Resident Evil Finale Trailer released

The trailer has been released for Resident Evil Finale chapter which looks amazing.


I have added some screencaps from the trailer.



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