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Will there be another series of Sky1’s drama Delicious? Iain hopes so..

The Cornish-set drama ended tonight with all the strands seemingly tied up. But it could still return for a second helping…


In the end Sky 1’s drama Delicious about lascivious foodies in luscious Cornwall concluded with everything pretty much sorted.

Troubled young Teresa (Tanya Reynolds) attempted an overdose but her life was eventually saved following a showdown with her Dad, Iain Glen’s long dead chef Leo, in some kind of purgatorial waiting room.

Her incestuous passion for her brother Michael (Ruairi O’Connor), wasn’t anything of the sort anyway. Yes, they had sex, but he wasn’t her brother after all. That honour went to Gina’s former lover, the mysterious biker James (Risteard Cooper), who popped up in episode three.

Not only did he reveal that he was Teresa’s Pa, he actually discovered his long-lost daughter post-suicide attempt, so probably saved her life as well as creating it. See, I said it was neat.

And the feud between Dawn French’s Gina (Leo’s ex wife, below) and Emilia Fox’s Sam (wife number two) fizzled away by the close. Various financial plotlines resolved themselves into one neat package: it eventually made business sense for them to team up, using Sam’s business acumen and Gina’s cooking expertise to try and make a success of the ailing Penrose Hotel.

Oh, and Sheila Hancock as Sam’s mum Mimi didn’t go through with her assisted suicide – she returned from Switzerland in tip top health and raring to go.

Still, with the two women now running the Penrose things are also rather tastily set up for a second series should Sky have the appetite for it.

The broadcaster insists that no decision has been made on the lush and escapist drama, written by Mr Selfridge scribe Dan Sefton. But the broadcaster has not yet ruled out a second run.

It also seems the cast are keen, according to sources. And that includes Iain Glen, despite the fact that his character Leo carked it at the end of episode one and narrated much of the drama from beyond the grave.

“I could definitely see another series of Delicious,” he told “It reaches its finale as in all good dramas with enough conclusions and hopefully enough question marks. If I was asked I would happily go back to more of it.

“The narrator aspect of it gives dramatic legroom to see Leo introduced in different places even after death. It is something I would happily do.”

Source: Radio Times

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‘Delicious’ Episode 2 & 3 screencaps

I have added 127 screencaps from Delicious Episodes 2 and 3 to the gallery.


Click here to view the images Episode 2 and Episode 3.

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Iain lays down his weapon for steamy love triangle in sexy drama Delicious

The Scot plays a chef torn between his wife played by Emilia Fox and his ex played by Dawn French in a triangle as complex as some of his dishes.

He is best known for starring in a series famously associated with lots of sex and violence.

Playing one of the most fearsome warriors in Game of Thrones, Iain Glen has seen plenty of the latter, but little of the former.


Iain said: “I did one scene where I was making love surrounded by the most wonderful titbits and morsels and dips. And I really did think, ‘Am I actually being paid to do this?’

“Eating and sex are the bases of life. We all need to eat to survive and we all need to procreate. They’re both quite base urges. And often, dating and love and sex and affection revolve around eating and drinking and dining.

“But I wouldn’t say being flirty and sensuous necessarily comes naturally to me.

“What isn’t easy is when they just make you do gratuitous love-making, but this wasn’t like that. This was all about sensuous pleasure.”

Iain said of Delicious: “I was sent the script and was told that Dawn and Emilia were attached to it, and I had a window where it would be possible to do it before the new season of Game of Thrones. So it was a perfect fit.


But the Scots star is redressing the balance in a sexy drama series in which he is caught in a love triangle with Dawn French and Emilia Fox.

Glen, 55, plays chef and foodie impresario Leo, who is torn between his wife (Fox) and his ex (French) in Sky 1’s Delicious, launched on the satellite channel this week.

Now best known as Game of Thrones’ fearless fighter Jorah Mormont, he is delighted with the change of pace.

Iain said: “I did one scene where I was making love surrounded by the most wonderful titbits and morsels and dips. And I really did think, ‘Am I actually being paid to do this?’

“Eating and sex are the bases of life. We all need to eat to survive and we all need to procreate. They’re both quite base urges. And often, dating and love and sex and affection revolve around eating and drinking and dining.

Click here to read the whole interview

Source: Daily Record

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‘Delicious’ update – promotional photos, DVD pre-order and video interview

I have added some more gorgeous promotional images of Iain for his role as Leo Vincent in Delicious.


Click here to see the full size images

You can now pre-order Delicious on DVD from Amazon UK which will be released to purchase on 23 January 2017. Click here to pre-order the DVD. Please note this DVD release is region 2 UK & Europe.

You can also view this little video interview with for Delicious here.

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Delicious trailer 2 & pics


del1  del12

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‘Delicious’ Trailer

1  2

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New ‘Delicious’ photos and information

Sky TV have released some information about the new drama Delicious which is to be shown at Christmas on Sky One. I have added 2 photos to the gallery here.


Written by Dan Sefton (Mr Selfridge, Secret Diary of a Call Girl), directed by Clare Kilner (The Wedding Date) and made by Bandit Television for Sky 1, Delicious is part of Sky’s commitment to offer customers brand new original drama all year round.

Dawn French plays passionate cook Gina, who was once married to Leo Vincent (Iain Glen), a successful entrepreneur, chef and hotel owner in Cornwall. Leo owes much of his success to Gina’s exceptional cooking, but since leaving her for the glamorous Sam (Emilia Fox), his business has continued to thrive.

The secrets and scandals that spill out are proof that sleeping with another woman’s husband is never a good idea – even if he was your husband first. As Sam and Gina try to fix their broken families, will a friendship rise from the ashes of betrayal or will they tear each other apart?

Delicious also stars Sheila Hancock as Leo’s mother Mimi, and newcomers Ruairi O’Connor as Leo and Sam’s son Michael and Tanya Reynolds as Leo and Gina’s daughter Teresa.


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Iain filming ‘Delicious’ alongside Dawn French in Cornwall

Dawn French looks sombre in black as she continues to film new drama in Cornwall alongside Game Of Thrones’ Iain Glen.

ig-del-1  ig-del-2

Filming photos

Source: Daily Mail 

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Emilia Fox and Iain Glen join Dawn French in new Sky 1 drama ‘Delicious’

Iain is set to star in an exciting new series. See details below.

Emilia Fox (The Tunnel: Sabotage, Silent Witness), Iain Glen (Game of Thrones) and Sheila Hancock (The Boy in the Striped Pajamas) join Dawn French in the cast of Delicious. A bold new four-part event drama for Sky 1, Delicious stars Emilia and Dawn as two women who go head to head after being betrayed by the same man.


The script for ‘Delicious’ was irresistible. Funny, poignant and unpredictable. I can’t wait to dig my teeth into this feast of a drama.

Click here for the rest of the article Exclusive Q&A
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