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September 16th, 2015 Game of Thrones, Jack Taylor, Television, The Fear, Theatre admin

Game Of Thrones star Iain Glen has been forced to pull out of the Old Vic’s hit play FORTUNE’S FOOL due to an unknown illness. Understudy Patrick Cremin has been standing in for 52-year-old Glen for the last week, but doctors advised he should not return for medical reasons. William Houston has now been cast to replace him in the role of ‘Kuzovkin’, opposite Olivier Award winner Richard McCabe as

March 1st, 2014 Theatre admin

At the age of 52, actor Iain Glen has become a pin-up. At a time when his fine features have begun to ripen, when a waffle of wrinkles has appeared on his handsome brow, when his hairline is inching north as roles as a romantic lead head south, he has found himself hot, hot, hotter than ever. This is not because of television appearances as newspaper magnate Sir Richard Carlisle

December 13th, 2013 Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, Television, Theatre admin

He’s a man of many parts, is Iain Glen. He was the dastardly Sir Richard Carlisle, Lady Mary’s suitor in series two of Downton Abbey and he played Margaret Thatcher’s father, the redoubtable Grantham grocer Alf Roberts, in The Iron Lady, alongside Meryl Streep. On stage, he did a memorable turn – literally – cartwheeling while stark naked opposite Nicole Kidman in The Blue Room. He’s tackled most of the

February 23rd, 2013 Jack Taylor admin

Home truths Iain Glen on the boy he was and the man he’s become. As Iain Glen answers a call on his mobile, I grab one of the hotel coffee tables to drag it closer to our sofa but I lose my grip, the trestle legs collapse and the heavy metal top crashes to the floor, two millimeters from his toes. He doesn’t flinch. “Are they insured?” He shakes his

October 28th, 2001 Movies admin

He’s famed for taking on dark roles – but then Iain Glen has never been interested in the conventional. Meeting Iain Glen is scary. All razor sharp cheekbones and muscled body, he writhes in his seat, meditating over questions. Any moment, he could strike, cobra-like, grasp your throat with his long, powerful fingers and slowly squeeze… Of course, Glen is only that scary if you saw him in Lynda Plante’s Trial

July 6th, 2000 Television admin

  Now And Glen’ – Getting intimate with The Blue Room star Iain Glen. If Nicole Kidman was the primary reason for the feeding frenzy of press attention that engulfed The Blue Room on its London premiere, the fact is that she could not have done it alone. So director Sam Mendes fielded her the absolutely perfect partner: Iain Glen. The RADA-trained, Scottish-born alumnus of stage and screen is an

December 10th, 1988 Theatre admin

JANE EDWARDS TALKS TO NICOLE KIDMAN AND IAIN GLEN. In a Rehearsal room somewhere in south London Nicole Kidman and Iain Glen have been telling each other secrets that will never be revealed to Oprah Winfrey. They are rehearsing David Hare’s The Blue Room, a free adaptation of Reigen by Arthur Schnitzler, known more commonly as La Ronde, since the classic 1950s film by Max Ophuls. Set in turn-of-the-century Vienna,

September 4th, 1988 Theatre admin
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