The actor, 52, on stage craft, what we can learn from children and why he loves being naked Actors shouldn’t necessarily be able to speak intelligently about what they do. That academic intellectualising of what you’re up to is so alien to me. And, more than anything, I’m thick. Simple tasks make man simple. That was Jung’s philosophy, and I agree. Neuroses and psychoses come when we overanalyse. If you

December 7th, 2013 Theatre admin

CHISELLED Scots actor Iain Glen is not renowned for his love of the limelight, so it’s no surprise that he won’t be at the LA premiere of his new film. Iain should be walking down the red carpet with leading lady Milla Jovovich for the final movie of the blockbuster trilogy Resident Evil Extinction. But for once his reason for missing the Hollywood bash is not about avoiding publicity, it is to do with

September 13th, 1997 Movies, Theatre admin
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