Do you ever pull pranks on set, or did Emilia Clarke ever prank you on Game of Thrones? Because you used to be quite the prankster when you were younger. You’d pretend to be different people? I did, I did! [Laughs.] It was possibly the early signs of becoming an actor. There was a radio show, a kind of current-events show, and we dominated the airwaves, my friend Nicky Campbell

Is it the beginning of the end for Ser Jorah? Sunday’s Game of Thrones, titled “Kill the Boy,” concluded with Mormont (Iain Glen) getting quite a shock after fighting with the stone men along the ruins of old Valyria: He’s contracted greyscale, the deadly and disfiguring disease that gradually covers the afflicted. EW exclusively spoke to Glen about the twist, which he first discovered when reading the script for Sunday’s

May 11th, 2015 Game of Thrones, Television admin
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