The characters are a world apart: the ruthless, upwardly mobile newspaper publisher Sir Richard Carlisle in Downton Abbey’s Edwardian England and Chekhov’s self-pitying Uncle Vanya, aimlessly wasting his life away on a country estate in pre-Revolutionary Russia. But these disparate roles have both been inhabited by Iain Glen, one of the finest actors of the last 25 years. Although millions have seen him performing in the hugely successful period drama

March 28th, 2012 Downton Abbey, Television, Theatre admin

Iain Glen and Lesley Sharp talk about their roles in a new production of the perennially shocking ‘Ghosts’. It’s a sign of the huge scandal that Ibsen’s Ghosts caused that it didn’t receive its world premiere in Norway, but in Chicago. Such was the consternation that greeted its publication in December 1881 that for some time it was considered untouchable in Scandinavia and beyond – simply as a printed script

February 16th, 2010 Theatre admin

Leading actors do not often make the leap into directing, but Iain Glen has wanted to for years. “I’ve been aware of the work I do as an actor _being directorial in feel,” he says, “I have ideas about how a play could manifest itself, a sort of overall picture. But 95% of the time, I keep my mouth shut.” And it might have remained that way, had the producer

February 8th, 2010 Theatre admin
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