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September 16th, 2015 Game of Thrones, Jack Taylor, Television, The Fear, Theatre admin

​IAIN Glen has a problem. The premiere of The Bad Education Movie takes place this week and he does not know who to have by his side on the red carpet. His seven-year-old daughter, being a fan of Jack Whitehall, who wrote and stars in the big-screen adaptation of the hit BBC Three television comedy, has volunteered, forcefully, but Glen is not making any promises. “I say you’re not the

August 14th, 2015 Game of Thrones, Movies, Theatre admin

Busiest actor in showbiz talks to Bridget Galton about his Hampstead role in debut play reworked from Checkhov short stories. There’s a tangible buzz of excitement around Hampstead Theatre these days. When I arrive to interview the venue’s latest big name actor, the “House Full” sign is pride of place on Eton Avenue and the foyer is thronged with matinée-goers who’ve secured the last tickets for outgoing play Di and

February 22nd, 2015 Theatre admin

Iain Glen has reassured fans that he is back to full health after pulling out of a West End play in January with a mystery illness. The Scottish star ended his role as Kuzovkin in Fortune’s Fool at the Old Vic a week early on the advice of his doctors. Glen, who has not revealed the nature of the illness, joined the rest of the Game Of Thrones cast as

March 26th, 2014 Theatre admin

Game Of Thrones star Iain Glen has been forced to pull out of the Old Vic’s hit play FORTUNE’S FOOL due to an unknown illness. Understudy Patrick Cremin has been standing in for 52-year-old Glen for the last week, but doctors advised he should not return for medical reasons. William Houston has now been cast to replace him in the role of ‘Kuzovkin’, opposite Olivier Award winner Richard McCabe as

March 1st, 2014 Theatre admin

At the age of 52, actor Iain Glen has become a pin-up. At a time when his fine features have begun to ripen, when a waffle of wrinkles has appeared on his handsome brow, when his hairline is inching north as roles as a romantic lead head south, he has found himself hot, hot, hotter than ever. This is not because of television appearances as newspaper magnate Sir Richard Carlisle

December 13th, 2013 Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, Television, Theatre admin

This morning was difficult. My youngest girl, who is aged 10 months, woke up just after 5am. Depending on the shape of the night, one of us [Iain Glen or his partner, the actress Charlotte Emmerson] will get up at an ungodly hour with the little one and try and survive until breakfast when the rest of the family appears. I start my day by getting on my Cannondale bicycle.

December 12th, 2013 Game of Thrones, Television, Theatre admin

The actor, 52, on stage craft, what we can learn from children and why he loves being naked Actors shouldn’t necessarily be able to speak intelligently about what they do. That academic intellectualising of what you’re up to is so alien to me. And, more than anything, I’m thick. Simple tasks make man simple. That was Jung’s philosophy, and I agree. Neuroses and psychoses come when we overanalyse. If you

December 7th, 2013 Theatre admin

As five stagings of ‘Uncle Vanya’ hit UK theatres in a few months, why does its existential gloom speak to us so profoundly? In a rehearsal space in east London the actor Ken Stott is poking disconsolately at the contents of a Tupperware box. It’s his lunch and he is clearly on a diet that is affording him no fun. “You won’t be able to see me by Monday,” he

October 26th, 2012 Theatre admin

The characters are a world apart: the ruthless, upwardly mobile newspaper publisher Sir Richard Carlisle in Downton Abbey’s Edwardian England and Chekhov’s self-pitying Uncle Vanya, aimlessly wasting his life away on a country estate in pre-Revolutionary Russia. But these disparate roles have both been inhabited by Iain Glen, one of the finest actors of the last 25 years. Although millions have seen him performing in the hugely successful period drama

March 28th, 2012 Downton Abbey, Television, Theatre admin
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