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For two seasons, Noah Solloway was the resident punisher in “The Affair,” the Showtime drama about a novelist who leaves his moneyed wife for a waitress grieving the death of her son — and spins the experience into a best seller.



“It’s a show that very much deals with people in extremity, and this season it seems to be poor old Noah, which is obviously quite interesting to play,” Dominic West said of his onscreen alter ego. (Season 3 begins Sunday, Nov. 20, at 10 p.m.)

Were you surprised that Noah took the fall for Helen and Alison?

I thought it was quite a neat trick, actually. I was often dismayed by Noah’s behavior and the seeming irrationality of it. So I was quite glad that he had done something noble that was in some way his redemption. And I suppose that was my first thought: “Thank God, he’s turning out to be a hero after all.”

A couple of important new characters have been added, starting with the French actress Irène Jacob as Juliette. Is she a love interest?

Very much so. Noah has this romance with a beautiful Frenchwoman who represents something, I suppose, completely out of his universe. She’s a professor of medieval literature, and the idea of courtly love is, I think, very important to Sarah [Treem, the showrunner] as a contrast to what’s going on in America in terms of sexual politics on campus, consent and a post-internet idea as to what relationships and intimacy are about.

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Source: NYTimes.com

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