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Some wonderful news. Dominic himself replied to my letter regarding my website and this is the letter he sent to me. It’s so fantastic to have all your hard work recognised. Very happy right now!


Donmar WarehouseLes Liaisons Dangereuses

It took 3 attempts to see this show ad even then it was at my local cinema. As with most productions at the Donmar Warehouse theatre it sold out long before the play’s run began. So I had been trying to get tickets through their weekly FRONT ROW tickets for £10 release system but to no avail so when the opportunity came to watch the play live at my cinema I jumped at the chance. The play was fantastic, such an incredible cast including my main guy Dominic West. It was an unique experience for me seeing a play in a cinema which I really enjoyed.


But of course I really wanted to meet Dominic so after a number of failed attempts I finally made it to the Donmar in Covent Garden 2 days before the run ended. I got there at about 9.20pm thinking I wouldn’t be hanging around for long but it was so cold that night and after ten minutes my fingers were starting to get really numb. I had got to know two lovely ladies Sophie and Tasha on twitter who I also knew were heading down there to meet Dominic that night so I arranged to meet them at the stage door at 10pm. It was nice to finally have people to talk to and distract me from the cold.

Not long after the show finished and people started leaving the theatre. We all started to get a bit nervous and excited. I was hoping to get the chance to ask Dominic if he had had the chance to read my letter to him about the website I had created for him when I meet him a couple of weeks earlier. By the time he left the theatre there was about 20 people waiting to catch him. Luckily we three got in there first. He was so lovely and kind. We all got photos with him and of him. He walked away from us to other fans so thought I can’t let the opportunity lie so I raced round the face him and when he had finished speaking to a fan.


I asked him about the website and he said ’oh yeah yeah. I have and it’s fantastic. I will get back to you I promise’, ‘I have to reply to a number of people over this weekend and you are definitely one of them’. ‘Thank you so much’. I squealed with joy at this and ran back to Sophie and Tasha who were both listening to Dominic talking to me. I felt so happy.

Dom spent a bit more time talking to others fans and then disappeared. We stood around gushing about him for a while and then decided to go home and as we were going the same way we stooped for a refreshments break and t warm up a bit. I had had a wonderful time but was so relived to get home in the warm. So much work goes into building a website especially  an actor with so many credits to his name and having had a hard time with a slightly nutty fan I was glad to finally get it recognised.


 A week later I received the below letter from Dom about the website and as you can see he was astonished at the support the fans have given him. I intend to keep him updated with the website’s content and success.

Thanks to @Sophistication1 and @Tashster for their wonderful company and friendship.

Donmar WarehouseLes Liaisons Dangereusestheatre

A fantastic and unique opportunity to see the final performance of Les Liaisons Dangereuses at the Donmar Warehouse, London on Saturday 13th February and brush shoulders with the cast at a black tie After Show Party held at the Freemasons Hall.


Helen’s Trust Patron Dominic West has kindly donated these tickets and all proceeds from the sale of them will help to support the work of Helen’s Trust!

You can still bid for the tickets here


Donmar WarehouseLes Liaisons Dangereusestheatre

Watch Dominic West and Janet McTeer discuss ‘Les Liaisons Dangereuses’ ahead of our live screening tomorrow evening.


Welcome to the launch of Dominic West Web! I aim to provide you with all the latest information, photos and everything else Dominic related. This is still a relatively small but growing website and I would welcome your ideas and contributions. We have a photo gallery and press archive and a media vault with videos clips will be coming soon.

The point of this website other than to provide you fans with everything that is Dominic is to help support and promote Dominic’s  career.

I am currently accepting co-star and any other affiliates so if you are interested please get in touch at domwest.fans@outlook.com with your name, website URL, email address and name of your website.

Be sure to join the twitter page @dominicwestweb and I hope to have a tumblr page running soon too.

TelevisionThe Affair

Following their acclaimed appearance together in The Affair, Dominic West praises his co-star’s fearless commitment


The first time I met Ruth was when we shot the pilot of The Affair two years ago. I’d already seen her in A Streetcar Named Desire at the Donmar Warehouse in 2009, for which she won the Olivier award, and I was rather amazed by that perfor- mance. So when I heard Ruth had been cast in The Affair, it certainly raised the stakes. That meant the show was going to have a bit of class; she has quality.

People often ask me: ‘Why on Earth do
you want to do this job where you have to have sex with a beautiful young girl on a beach in Long Island?’ The Affair definitely appeared to be the dream job; that was probably the reason why I took it and probably why Ruth took it too. The pilot was shot in Montauk, Long Island in October 2013. There were lots of beach parties, going round bars and misdemeanours, so it was fun. But then we had a long rehearsal period before filming the series in May, which was necessary because the scripts weren’t in the right place and we were initially pretty sceptical. Ruth is a theatre person so she was very good at rehearsing – quite rare among actors. She’s no nonsense and responded to my teasing humour with good grace. We were thrown together – it really helped that we were both Brits – and were very much a team.

The Affair is a demanding show, in part because it’s so sexually explicit. We do ask that the writers justify the sex scenes – not that they’re not enjoyable, but they are obviously embarrassing to do. Ruth quite rightly decided that she wasn’t going to show her breasts on screen. For some reason actresses are now just expected to show them, and I think that’s a dangerous game. Our writers and producers are conscious that we’re not prepared to do anything for the sake of it. But Ruth led the charge on that. She needed a lot of support and I was very happy to give her that. We still look out for each other.

Normally you discuss sex scenes at great length because you want to avoid them. The actual work happens when you’re performing. That’s when Ruth and I worked it out between ourselves and we’d swap responsibilities; she’d say: ‘I’ll go on top, then you go on top.’ Although actually, I think I’m the feminist on this show, as I get far more of my flesh out than the women do. It’s really annoying because I’m not half as attractive as they are.

Ruth has to perform very emotionally taxing scenes, whether her character Alison is self-harming, trying to commit suicide in the waves, or mourning at her child’s grave. She is fearless. The writers create these episodes for her because they know she is going to deliver the goods. That’s the dream for actors. There is a scene in season one when I’m screaming at her, when Noah finds out that Alison is a drug dealer. I was over-acting and being too histrionic, while Ruth was completely still and absorbed. Suddenly I got a huge lesson in screen acting. She’s incredibly good at doing nothing yet showing an awful lot behind the eyes, whereas I’m much more theatrical. That really hit me – especially when I saw it on the monitor. I thought: ‘That’s how you act. That’s how you do it.’

Ruth’s performance as Alison Bailey is just another in a stream of successes. Before this, she was brilliant in Luther. Her Broadway debut in Constellations was nominated for a Tony. When she was in A Streetcar Named Desire, she flew herself out to New Orleans and spent a month there soaking up the atmosphere and preparing for the part. She works hard at what she does, no matter how big or small the job. The results show that. She’s extremely talented and knows what to do with her talent. And it’s great to watch because you realise you’re going to get an interesting and committed performance from her.

And then there’s that no-nonsense attitude and her locker-room sense of humour. She degrades me at every opportunity. The other day, she said: ‘Oh God – I hate this, this is torture’ straight after a sex scene, which is a charming thing to say to someone you’ve just been making love to, but she does take it as much as she gives.

At the Golden Globe Awards this year, the show was nominated, Ruth was nominated and I was nominated. The show won, Ruth won and I didn’t. It struck me that awards can be damaging to a cast, and possibly divisive. Ruth was very conscious of this, and tremendously good and kind to me. But I wasn’t unhappy that she’d won – I was delighted. And if it hadn’t been for her acceptance speech [in which she declared that West’s bottom was a thing of great beauty], I would have been completely delighted.

14 December 2015

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