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As the gut-wrenching Starz mystery thriller returns, Morrissey – “The Walking Dead’s” Governor – plays another parent traumatized by a heartbreaking event.

David Morrissey is a veteran UK actor that you’ve probably seen in countless projects. But it was his turn as the Governor on “The Walking Dead” that exposed him to a massive global audience. Now he’s back on TV, as the new star of Starz’s mystery thriller “The Missing,” back for a second season.

“The Missing” was one of the most heart-wrenching TV shows of 2014, as it chronicled the journey of parents struggling to come to grips with the mysterious disappearance of their young boy. The show’s back with a whole new tale, again written by Harry and Jack Williams, and this time with Ben Chanan as the director of every episode.


Morrissey plays a British soldier, stationed in Germany, whose daughter disappeared in 2003. She shows up 11 years later – but her return brings up new questions, including the whereabouts of another girl abducted around the same time.


Morrissey recently dropped by IndieWire’s offices to discuss the new role, and to also recount how playing the villainous Governor on “The Walking Dead” changed his career. He also broached those rumors that he might be a “Doctor Who” candidate, and shared his viewpoint on how the world should respond to the global refugee crisis.

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